✓ Large assortment in coffee

✓ Premium taste

✓ Responsibly sourced coffee



To get the most out of your L'OR BARISTA coffee maker, it is important to descale it. Find out below how to descale your coffee machine in 10 easy steps.

The strongest L'OR Espresso coffees

Coffee is our favourite go-to drink if we want to get some extra energy.

How to make coffee at home

There are many ways to enjoy delicious coffee at home. We love to share the secret of a good cup of coffee, whether you own a pour over or enjoy coffee pods.

Interesting coffee facts

The drink that unites the world.

The perfect cappuccino at home

Love a good cappuccino? You can make one at home too!

The Origins collection

Indulge in new L’OR Origins. Coffee that will carry you on a journey. Explore the exciting new range.

Top 5 iced coffees

What could be better than an ice cold beverage delivering your daily shot of caffeine? We are giving you five tips to make your favourite iced coffee at home.

Romantic Valentine breakfast

No ideas for an original Valentine’s gift?

Different types of coffee

Every cup of L’OR coffee provides a pure coffee pleasure. Let yourself be captivated by the intense aroma. Discover a balance of its smooth and rich flavours.

The enchanting gift guide

We can help you find that perfect L'OR present.

Ristretto vs Espresso

All the differences between these two powerful coffees in one article.

Add milk to your coffee

Discover more about the differences between cappuccino, latte, flat white and espresso macchiato.

Gifts for her

Do you want to surprise your loving sister, a dear friend or your mother with the perfect gift? Spoil her with a special present.

The best coffee for men

Still looking for a gift for Father’s Day or the boyfriend’s birthday? Get inspired by the best L’OR espresso coffee capsules that men will love.

Coffee: the joy of Christmas

Relax with a cup of hot coffee. Christmas brings perfect coffee moments. Create holiday magic with delicious coffee drinks.

virtual coffee break

Have you missed out on the office chat around the coffee machine? The great thing is that virtual coffee meetings offer an occasion for casual conversation and help you keep in touch with your colleagues.

Decaf coffee

Do you love your coffee but want to cut back on your caffeine intake? Find out everything you need to know about decaf coffee in this article.

Christmas gift guide

We can help you find the perfect christmas gifts for coffee lovers. Get inspired by our wide range of christmas gifts.

Flat white: what is it?

Learn how to prepare the perfect flat white with L OR, an all round favourite for espresso lovers who crave intense coffee flavour.

Multi pod coffee machine

Nowadays, there are many different brands of coffee machines, including L'OR coffee machines. In the L'OR coffee machine you use coffee capsules, which you can buy online and also in many local shops.

Christmas gift guide

We can help you find the perfect christmas gifts for coffee lovers. Get inspired by our wide range of christmas gifts.

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