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Does mum run on coffee? Buy her these L’OR coffees for Mother’s Day!  

On March 14nd we will spoil our mums with gifts, flowers and breakfast in bed. Do you want to totally pamper your mum this Mother’s Day? Forget the chocolates and surprise her with a delicious pack of her favourite L’OR coffee instead.


Don’t know which coffee to buy for her? Don’t worry, we have rounded up our most popular L’OR coffees as purchased by women in the UK.


  1. Lungo Profondo (intensity 8)
    Our bestselling L’OR coffee testifies that mums are fearless. This intense lungo is the most purchased L’OR coffee by women in the UK. The Profondo has an aroma of roasted almonds and liquorice, topped with a bronze crema layer. A perfect choice for most mums.
  2. Ristretto (intensity 11)
    The runner up is the Ristretto. This smaller coffee is packed with intense nutty flavours. The soft creamy layer makes this coffee perfect for a Mother’s Day breakfast.
  3. Lungo Estremo (intensity 10)
    Sitting firmly in third place is the strongest lungo in our assortment. Lungo Estremo is a full bodied coffee with a spicy flavour. This lungo is perfect to make your mum a tasty latte, without losing the true coffee taste in its milky goodness.
  4. Ristretto Decaffeinato (intensity 9)
    Is your mum a fan of a relaxing cup of coffee in the evening? Or is she not really a caffeine fan at all? Then consider buying her a decaffeinated coffee. The favourite in the UK is the Ristretto Decaffeinato. A smaller cup of coffee, full with layered notes of wood and toasted almonds.
  5. Espresso Onyx (intensity 12)
    Last but definitely not least, is our strongest espresso. Onyx has a touch of bitter cocoa. Is your mum one of the strongest ladies you know? Onyx might then just be the perfect gift for her.

For a real surprise on Mother’s day, wrap your pack of capsules with a nice ribbon, a personal card and maybe add a personalised coffee mug to make every coffee drinking experience a special one. Happy Mother’s Day!

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