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L'OR Origins Collection

The purest flavour experience is unlocked in our new L’OR Origins Collection, every coffee bean is influenced by the unique environment of its homeland. Our master blenders have enhanced the personality of each origin, selecting only rare beans and blending them to reflect and respect the natural characteristics of the world’s richest soils. 


The breathtaking highlands of Papua New Guinea are the inspiring origin of L’OR Papua New Guinea Espresso Capsules, an outstanding blend with a pronounced, fruity taste and sweet woody aroma that nods to the cool and wet climate of the fertile volcanic slopes upon which these coffee beans are grown: a veritable ancestral paradise. Try this new Papua New Guinean coffee now.


The lush landscape of rural Colombia and the legend of El Dorado are the inspiration for L'OR Colombia Espresso Capsules, a full-bodied espresso with a complex and tangy character that lingers. Tap into the awe-inspiring greatness of the cultural mystique that has given rise to exploration, expeditions and some of the finest Arabica beans to be found on earth. Try this new Colombian coffee now.


The vivid colours and evocative lands of Karnataka are captured within L'OR India Espresso Capsules. A powerful yet delicate blend of spicy and fruity notes that evoke the exciting smells and delights of local bazaars, paired with daring flavours of dark caramel and cocoa that transport you to the rolling hills of Southern India where these beans are grown. Try this new Indian coffee now.


A coffee with a syrupy flavour and tones of dark chocolate, spices, wood and cedar. The special processing is the main contributor for the heavy body and slight acidity characteristics. The coffee has a very complex, rich and distinctive profile which is unique in the world.


A very well balanced, subtle coffee with a bright, juicy acidity. Citric and floral fragrances with a delicate fruity flavors are found in this coffee. Also notes of sweet milky chocolate, maple are found. The coffee has a round body with can be buttery.

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Espresso Papua New Guinea

Intensity 10

Espresso Colombia

Intensity 8

Espresso India

Intensity 10

Online only

Espresso Indonesia

Intensity 10

Online only

Espresso Guatemala

Intensity 10

Origins Collection


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