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Virtual Coffee Break: stay connected over a virtual coffee

Have you missed out on the office chat around the coffee machine? It’s hard to catch up with your co-workers when you’re all working from home. But, the great thing is that virtual coffee meetings offer an occasion for casual conversation and help you keep in touch with your colleagues. We’re excited to share some of our tips for your virtual breaks so that you can host an appealing and engaging virtual coffee experience for friends or co-workers.


What is a virtual coffee break?

Virtual coffee breaks are meetings over a video app or software like Zoom, Skype or Google Hangouts. These 15-30 minute video chats provide a great way to exchange non work-related experiences, talk about situations, and connect with your co-workers when you can’t meet at the office. Virtual coffee break chats are just for fun, but can have positive impact for your business. It can keep up the team spirit, encourage brainstorming and help people feel more connected while remote working.


How to host virtual coffee breaks

1.Pick your virtual meeting platform.
Choose a virtual meeting platform like Zoom, Skype or Google Hangouts where everyone will meet.

2.Schedule a time and send out invites.
Choose a good coffee break time and keep different time zones in mind. Don’t forget to send out a calendar invitation and a reminder before the coffee chat starts. 

3.Choose your favourite L’OR coffee blend to enjoy during your coffee break.
Don’t forget your delicious brew during your virtual chat. Have a look at our range of L’OR coffee capsules and find your favourite taste! Want to impress your co-workers or friends with your delicious coffee? Discover our L’OR recipes and create a festive coffee in just a few simple steps. Try our rich cococcino, sweet bonbon coffee or refreshing iced frappuccino recipe.  

4.Enjoy & plan the next virtual coffee chat.
If you arranged the call, don’t be afraid to take control of the conversation at the start. Listen to what your co-workers and friends have to say, and ask follow-up questions. Enjoy each other’s company while you sip your favourite L’OR brew. Also, don’t forget to set a new virtual coffee date to keep up the team’s spirits while everyone is working from home. 

Virtual coffee break ideas

Are you looking for some ideas about what to do during your virtual coffee break? When everyone is working remotely, it’s important to plan activities that will keep connections strong.  We love to inspire you so you can make the best out of your virtual coffee chats with your co-workers.

● Play Coffee Roulette

Will you dare to try a game of Coffee Roulette with your colleagues? Coffee Roulette matches your co-workers randomly for regular coffee meetings across all levels of the organization. It’s a great way to improve trust, connections and wellbeing throughout the company.

● Think about topics for your virtual coffee chats

Try to guide the conversation if you are the one who scheduled the coffee meeting. Think about topics during each coffee meeting that you can discuss with your friends or co-workers. This will keep the conversation going. 


Virtual Coffee break: which coffee is the best to drink?

Wondering which coffee is the best to drink during your virtual coffee break? We advise you to look at the time of day and your preferred coffee strength relative to the caffeine level of your homemade brew. For virtual coffee breaks in the morning, you can drink a ristretto, espresso or lungo to boost your energy levels. If you have your virtual coffee break in the afternoon you can go for a flat white, cappuccino or latte. Of course you can enjoy your espresso or lungo in the late afternoon as well, always go for the kind coffee that you love! Need some inspiration? Discover the smooth tastes of L’OR’s bestsellers:

LUNGO ESTREMO – Intensity 10
Enjoy a big cup of our rich and daring blend LUNGO ESTREMO. This blend will give you a powerful, full-bodied coffee experience. Discover this 100% Arabica blend and indulge yourself during your coffee break. 

LUNGO PROFONDO – Intensity 8
Looking for a remarkable coffee during your break?  Try LUNGO PROFONDO with its intense, spicy aroma of roasted almond and tantalizing liquorice.

L’OR RISTRETTO – Intensity 11
Dazzle your senses during your virtual coffee break with this expressive ristretto blend. This 100% Arabica blend has a nutty rich taste and a powerful spicy aroma.

Looking for a decaf coffee during your coffee break? Enjoy the same delicious coffee flavour, but without side effects of caffeine. Discover our L’OR decaffeinated blends: ristretto decaffeinato and espresso decaffeinato.

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