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Coffee types explained: all types of coffee in one overview

It seems like every time we open up a coffeeshop menu, we get more and more blown away by the dazzling amount of different types of coffee. It almost feels boring to ‘just’ order a cappuccino, let alone a black coffee. But then comes the insecurity: what is a flat white? And why have a ristretto instead of an espresso?


No worries - we are here to help you out in the wonderful world of coffee variety that we live in today.

Coffee, no milk please.

For those who like their coffee strong and straightforward, have a look at the following types. It’s all a matter of proportions: the amount of water vs amount of coffee itself.


Besides from being a stand-alone drink, espresso is also the perfect base for all things milky, such as the cappuccino or latte macchiato.


A ristretto is basically a more concentrated and darker version of the regular espresso. However, there are differences between espresso and ristretto. The ristretto is made with the same amount of coffee as an espresso, but only half the amount of water. The result is a rich and aromatic – one can even call it spicy - drink, perfect for those who can use a little ‘kick’ to get started in the morning.


Do you crave a bit more than the one-sip joy of an espresso or ristretto? Give the lungo a try. It is made with the same amount of coffee as an espresso, but with twice as much water. But do not let the amount of water mislead you; at L’OR, the lungo still offers an intense and powerful tasting experience!



One of the most popular milky coffee drinks there is: the cappuccino. Originated in Italy, the cappuccino has an espresso at its base and is topped with hot milk and a dense layer of microfoam. Some argue that a cappuccino is only a cappuccino when topped off with a sprinkle of cacao. You can make a cappuccino at home with L'OR Espresso pods. We recommend the Espresso Fortissimo for your ultimate cappuccino experience.



A macchiato is basically an espresso with a dollop of steamed milk and foam on top of it. The milk slightly calms the harshness of the espresso and therefore makes a perfect drink for those who enjoy an espresso, but with a little less kick. As a base, why not try out our Espresso Supremo?



Probably one of the most photogenic drinks there is: the latte macchiato. With its typical three layers, the latte macchiato is often served in a long glass so those layers can be shown. It contains mostly steamed milk, marked with espresso and a little foam layer on top. Perfect for those who like their drink creamy. Discover the differences between all milky coffees with L'OR.



Originated in Australia, the flat white needs a little more explanation, as there appear to be several views on how a flat white should be made. You will find that different countries and cafés have different takes on serving the flat white. One way to serve it, is a shot of espresso with steamed milk, so no foam at all. Another, more common but also more advanced way to serve the flat white, is by swirling a milk- and microfoam mixture into a shot of espresso, aiming not to let the foam separate from the milk. This way, the drink looks quite similar to a latte, but has one really important difference: the taste.


The flat white should have a strong coffee flavour and a velvety sense of mouth feeling due to the microfoam. This is a great alternative if you feel like having a cappuccino but want to try something else for a change! You can make a flat white yourself with coffee pods of L'OR Espresso.

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