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Flat white: what is it?

The flat white, from either New Zealand or Australia, has now made it around the globe! But, it’s prepared differently in different places. You’ve got two choices: foamy and not foamy. In most coffee bars a flat white is poured like a small latte with a bit less milk. Some people think the flat white is just a latte, but there really are differences. The first one is the coffee to milk ratio. In a flat white, the coffee and the milk are perfectly blended, creating a stronger coffee flavour to balance the creaminess of the milk. There are two ways to serve this coffee: the most common – but more complicated – way involves pouring the flat white while not letting the foam separate from the milk. With this method you gently stir the milk and microfoam mixture into a shot of espresso. This is what a professional barista will serve you: a silky-smooth blend of coffee and milk, with a thin, almost invisible layer of microfoam on top. Want to prepare a perfect flat white at home? Just gently stir a shot of espresso into some steamed milk. Easy and delicious!

How to make a flat white with L'OR Espresso coffee pods

With just an espresso machine, a L’OR capsule and some milk, you can prepare a flat white in one of two ways. L'OR ristretto capsules are perfect if you love intense coffee flavour. First, select your favourite ristretto or espresso capsule, make sure your espresso machine is ready, insert the coffee pod and let the machine do its magic. The standard flat white ratio is a double shot of espresso to 2/3 milk. Create a layer of microfoam using your milk foamer. This time you want to make a smooth, velvety microfoam rather than the dense foam you’d make for a cappuccino or latte. Now, gently pour the milk into your coffee and take a sip. Do you notice that the espresso flavour is stronger when compared to a cappuccino (but it’s still balanced with the milk)?


You can make the most fantastic coffee at home with L'OR Espresso. Just follow these simple steps to create the perfect Flat White:

  1. Put the milk into the milk foamer and take out the whisk. Press the button.

  2. Choose your favourite espresso pod, we recommend Ristretto 11. Insert it into your coffee pod machine and press the espresso button. If you prefer a strong flat white, choose double shot.

  3. To complete your flat white, gently pour the warm milk from the foamer into the freshly brewed espresso. There you have it: a perfect flat white!



  • Cups 10
  • Intensity 11/13
  • Ristretto

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