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Top 5 iced coffees to make at home 

At L’OR, we absolutely love iced coffees. Especially on a hot summer’s day. What could be better than an ice cold beverage delivering your daily shot of caffeine? We are giving you five tips to make your favourite iced coffee at home. It’s easier than you think.

  1. Homemade iced coffee

    How to make iced coffee at home? There are many variations of iced coffee, so let’s start with the most basic, easy recipe. All you need is your favourite coffee, ice cubes and milk. Prepare a cup of coffee, for example L’OR Espresso Forza, Onyx or Ristretto and refrigerate. When the coffee is cold enough, take it back out of the fridge. Put the ice cubes into a tall glass and pour the coffee over the ice cubes. Add milk. You can add more or less depending on your taste preference. You can also add sugar or other sweeteners to make the iced coffee sweeter. Serve and enjoy.

  2. Vegan iced coffee with almond milk or coconut milk

    Try a different kind of milk for a twist on your usual iced coffee. By using a milk alternative, you can make a vegan iced coffee. Great news: it tastes delicious. An iced almond coffee is made using almond milk. It has a nutty taste and the almond milk prolongs the coffee flavour. Vegan, dairy-free and low in calories. A must try! Brew a cup of your favourite espresso. Let it cool down for at least 15 minutes (or refrigerate) and add half a cup of almond milk. Add as many ice cubes as you like. Your almond iced coffee is now ready. Looking for an iced coffee with a taste of summer? Try this recipe for iced coffee with coconut milk. A successful combination.

  3. Homemade frappuccino: chocolate, vanilla or caramel frappuccino

    Looking for a sweeter and creamier iced coffee? Treat yourself to a homemade Frappuccino. With L'OR Espresso coffee capsules, milk, ice cubes, sugar, syrup and whipped cream you can make a really good Frappuccino. The recipe for Frappucino with L'OR Espresso is easy. You only need a blender, mixer or kitchen machine to mix the ingredients together. The basic Frappuccino recipe for all three variants remains the same, but you can choose your own coffee and syrup to create the Frappuccino flavour you prefer.

  4. Affogato ice coffee: coffee with vanilla ice cream

    An iced coffee is great, but what about coffee with vanilla ice cream? Even better! This combination is just heavenly. Originally from Italy: the Affogato. Basically, it’s just a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a glass, with espresso poured over. L’OR is sharing a recipe for Affogato with a hint of caramel. Enjoy as a dessert or as a midday treat in the sun.

  5. Café liégeois: the perfect coffee dessert

    This French coffee dessert recipe with L'OR Espresso will blow your mind. Café Liégeois is a delicious combination of espresso, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and caramel. Use a strong espresso, such as Forza, Onyx, Ristretto or Supremo for the ultimate Café Liégeois. Coffee and ice cream together: a match made in heaven.

Haven’t found your favourite iced coffee or coffee with ice recipe? Have a look at the other L’OR coffee recipes. Enjoy the summer!

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