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Ristretto capsules for strong coffee lovers

Ristretto is known for its intense aromatic flavour. Less water is used to make a ristretto in comparison to an espresso, so the taste sensation is even more intense. Choose L’OR ristretto espresso pods for the perfect ristretto. Our carefully selected coffee beans ensure the ultimate flavour experience with its powerful spicy aroma.

Why try ristretto coffee pods?

Need to wake up or be focussed? Try a ristretto. The flavour is fuller and bolder than of an espresso. However, the taste is less bitter. A ristretto is a perfect shot of caffeine. As it’s created with less water, a ristretto coffee is smaller, but the proportion of caffeine is larger than an espresso. Ristretto vs. Espresso? You choose! With L’OR Espresso ristretto pods, your day starts easily. The right choice for strong, black coffee lovers.

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