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Indulge in new L’OR Origins. Coffee that will carry you on a journey, from the highlands of Papua New Guinea to the rolling hills of Southern India, to the deep mystical forest of Colombia. Explore the exciting new range.

Production process

In every cup of L'OR lies a fascinating story. From harvest to roast, explore the incredible journey our coffee beans make, to bring bliss to your taste buds.


Take part in our recycling scheme. L’OR Espresso capsules are made from aluminium to provide you with the best espresso. Aluminium is known to effectively preserve the aroma and the flavours of the coffee and now enables you to enjoy the intense taste of a L’OR espresso for a unique experience.

Delivery costs of £2,99, free delivery over £30

1-3 days of delivery

Aluminium capsules which preserve all coffee aromas

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