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Decaf capsules

Enjoy Decaffeinated Espresso & Ristretto

Decaffeinated coffee keeps you at the same level all day, with no ups or downs. Enjoy the same flavour of coffee, but without the side-effects of caffeine. Try our L'OR Decaffeinated Ristretto and Espresso: Ristretto decaffeinato or Espresso decaffeinato. Enjoy the same pleasure as with our ristretto or espresso, but without the caffeine. You can now drink a cup of coffee in the evening and still be able to fall asleep!

Why try decaf coffee pods?

There are many reasons why people drink their favourite coffee without caffeine. Some are sensitive to caffeine or have trouble sleeping. Others consider decaffeinated coffee to be healthier. Pregnant women and people with anxiety are often advised to drink decaf. With L'OR Espresso Decaf capsules you can easily create your own cup of decaffeinated coffee at home. Simply put the decaf coffee pod into your machine, press the button and enjoy.

Kinds of Decaf coffee capsules

Everyone has a different taste in coffee. Some like a stronger taste of coffee while others like a slightly milder taste. L'OR therefore has two different decaffeinated capsules. The flavours of the decaf coffee pods are therefore slightly different. The L'OR Ristretto Decaffeinato, for example, has a full flavour with a touch of spicy sparkling notes. We also have the L'OR Espresso Decaffeinato. This decaf pod has a light taste of wild berries and cocoa, a sweet aroma coffee.

These decaf espresso pods are also available in a large pack so that you can try out both types of decaf pods at home. This way, you can make the best choice of which flavour you prefer. Once you have made your choice, you can reorder the decaffeinated pods online.

Buy L'OR Decaffeinated coffee pods online

High-quality decaffeinated coffee pods delivered to your home. L'OR Decaf coffee capsules taste so good, you won't taste the difference. Use L'OR Decaf pods not only for Ristretto or Espresso but also to create your own decaf cappuccino, latte or flat white. All you need is an espresso machine, L'OR Decaf coffee and a milk foamer. Enjoy!

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