✓ Large assortment in coffee

✓ Premium taste

✓ Responsibly sourced coffee

Register your L'OR BARISTA coffee machine

Have you just bought a L'OR BARISTA coffee machine? Register to get the best experience, exclusive offers, and a £20 coffee voucher.

L'OR baristaL'OR barista

How can I register my L'OR Barista coffee machine?

Time required for registration: 3 minutes

  1. Log in or create an account

  2. Enter your serial number 

  3. Receive a £20 discount voucher

  4. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive special offers, product tips, direct access to service, and many more benefits!

Why should I register my L'OR Barista coffee maker?

Enjoy £20 off your first coffee order for of a minimum amount of £50

Receive exclusive offers, discounts, and valuable advice about your L'OR BARISTA coffee machine *

Faster payment and simplified order tracking

Updates and descaling support*

*You will only receive these exclusive perks and descaling support emails when you sign up for our newsletter

L'OR machine registrationL'OR machine registration

How do I take advantage of my £20 discount?

Once you have registered your L'OR BARISTA coffee machine, you will receive an email containing the code for the voucher worth £20. You can use this code on your next order (for a minimum amount of £50) via the option in the shopping cart. This offer cannot be combined with other promotional codes and does not apply to current special promotions or to the purchase of accessories and machines.

Read the terms and conditions of the £20 coffee voucher.

Have you not found what you’re looking for? Find the answers to your questions on our L'OR BARISTA FAQ page. Are you looking for specific instructions for using your L'OR BARISTA ? We’re happy to help you.

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