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Decaf coffee: what is it & how is it made?

Do you love your coffee but want to cut back on your caffeine intake? A fresh cup of coffee is a great way to relax any time, especially if you brew up a delicious cup of decaf! A decaf will have at least 97% less caffeine than regular coffees. Find out everything you need to know about decaf coffee in this article.

What does ‘decaf’ mean?

Obviously the word ‘decaf’ is short for decaffeinated. But is most of the caffeine removed from coffee beans before or after roasting? How was the decaffeination process discovered? The caffeine removal process takes place before roasting. It’s said that Ludwig Roselius, a German coffee merchant, developed the first commercially successful decaffeination process after finding that a shipment of beans accidentally soaked in sea water had lost most of the caffeine without losing much flavour.

Modern processes preserve flavour even better. As soon as you taste coffee made with L’OR Espresso decaffeinated coffee capsules, you’ll find out just how rich and flavourful decaf can be!

Decaf coffeeDecaf coffee

How much caffeine does decaf coffee contain?

Many different processes are used to decaffeinate coffee beans before they are roasted. They are all safe ways to remove caffeine from whole, green coffee beans while keeping the maximum amount of the coffee aroma and flavour that we all know and love.

Decaf coffee benefits

  1. Contains the same beneficial antioxidants as regular coffee

  2. Lower caffeine means lower anxiety and healthier sleep patterns
Decaf coffee cup beansDecaf coffee cup beans

How is the caffeine removed from coffee?

Decaffeinated or ‘decaf’ coffee is the result of processes which remove most of the caffeine from the fresh, green coffee beans before roasting. The processes have improved since German coffee merchant Ludwig Roselius found his coffee bean shipment soaked in sea water and patented his method in 1906. Here is a brief description of a popular modern decaffeination process:

  • Steam or water is used to swell the green coffee beans and ready them for caffeine extraction.
  • The caffeine is often extracted from the plumped beans with a solvent and then this is repeated until the desired level of decaffeination is reached
  • The beans are steamed again to remove any residual solvent.
  • The freshly decaffeinated beans are dried and readied for roasting.
  • Of course, any decaffeination method must comply with rigorous quality and safety standards, so that you get a reliable, top-quality decaf coffee.

Want to try decaf coffee pods?

People choose to drink delicious coffee without the caffeine for many different reasons. Perhaps they’re really sensitive to the effects of caffeinated coffee or have trouble getting to sleep. Other coffee lovers believe that decaffeinated coffee is generally healthier, while those with stress and anxiety issues and pregnant women are advised to drink decaf by health professionals. Fortunately, modern processing methods and careful blending mean that L'OR Espresso decaf capsules offer you delicious, aromatic decaf coffee at home. Just pop a decaf coffee capsule in your machine, push the button, then relax and enjoy!

L'OR decaf coffee L'OR decaf coffee

How to buy L'OR decaf coffee capsules online

L'OR decaf coffee pods offer so much great flavour and aroma that you won’t notice the difference. Delivered right to your door, L'OR decaffeinated coffee capsules are perfect for brewing espresso or ristretto coffees but also for whipping up a high-quality decaf cappuccino, latte or flat white. With an espresso machine, L'OR decaf coffee pods, and a milk foamer, you’ll be ready to go. Kick back and relax! L’OR decaffeinated coffee capsules are also Nespresso machine compatible.

Looking for regular coffee? Check out L'OR Ristretto, Espresso, Lungo or all L'OR coffee capsules.

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