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A Ristretto blend inspired by the markets of Sumatra, where the smell of roasted spices and food cooked in bamboo fills the air. Dazzle your senses with this Ristretto and its expressive fresh persona and powerful spicy aroma. Made with passion by our L'OR Coffee Artists who use all their senses to create a unique bold yet layered Ristretto.

This blend is the work of time - a selection of beans combined to create something complex. A ristretto that makes striving for espresso perfection an unforgettable journey with fresh spices like ginger and cardamom - layered with a sharp freshness that makes it unique. A small, strong cup of coffee that will wake you up: quick and bold, but full of mood. Created by L'OR Coffee Artists

Nutty - complex

Ristretto, Espresso, Lungo




10 capsules, GROUND COFFEE IN CAPSULES, packaged in a protective atmosphere. Net weight 52 g ℮
Nutritional Information
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About L'OR Ristretto capsules

  • An intense blend with complex notes of fresh spices
  • Be seduced by the power of L'OR Ristretto single capsules with intensity 11 (scale 1-13)
  • Compatible with Nespresso & L'OR BARISTA coffee machines
  • Packaged in aluminium recyclable Ristretto coffee pods, which best preserves the aroma and flavours of the coffee.
  • The pack contains 10 L'OR Ristretto coffee pods and offers you 10 cups of L'OR Ristretto.
  • Coffee from UTZ certified farms

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