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Coffee pods

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Coffee Capsules

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Find your favourite L'OR Espresso pods 

Enjoy pure coffee pleasure in every cup of L'OR coffee. Have you been looking for the best quality ristretto, espresso or lungo coffee capsules online? Look no further! At L’OR you’ll find an extensive selection of different types of coffee pods. Do you love great-tasting coffee, but not the caffeine? Then purchase L’OR decaf coffee pods online! Is cappuccino your all-time favourite? Here at L'OR, we’ve got the best compatible coffee capsules for your coffee pod machine. Check out our L'OR BARISTA and Nespresso®* compatible coffee pods and discover a new favourite.

*Third-party trademark brand in no way affiliated with JACOBS DOUWE EGBERTS.


L'OR BARISTA new sustainable aluminium coffee pods 

Good for maintaining great coffee flavour and good for the planet! L’OR’s new generation of L'OR classic capsules and L'OR BARISTA double shot capsules in airtight aluminium give you outstanding taste and aroma in every cup. Aluminium is known as an eco-friendly and easily recyclable material (all L'OR coffee capsules are recyclable) that also effectively preserves great coffee aromas and flavours. Want to try something new? Discover all of our different types of coffee pods! L'OR stocks a great selection of coffee pods, including ristretto, espresso, lungo, and decaf. 

Buy coffee pods online at L'OR

No time to get out and search for just the right coffee pods? No problem! Just visit the official L'OR Espresso shop online and take advantage of our great promotions. The best selection of L'OR coffee pods is at your fingertips and can be ordered in single shot and double shot capsules. Do you like to start your day with a (double) espresso or would you like to prepare two cups of coffee at once? Then our double shot capsules are just what you’ve been looking for. Browse our online shop and find compatible coffee capsules for your L'OR BARISTA or another coffee machine.


Coffee capsules and coffee pods

Coffee capsules and coffee pods do the same thing: make it easy for you to brew a delicious cup of coffee. While other coffee capsules are often made of plastic, L'OR coffee pods are made of aluminium to best preserves the most intense coffee flavours and aromas while being completely recyclable.

The type of coffee capsule or coffee pod you need depends on compatibility. Different types of coffee pods work with different machine models. If you have a Nespresso®* coffee machine it’s no problem to use L’OR coffee capsules. Curious about which coffee machines are compatible with L'OR coffee pods? Just click on the link to find all of the information you need about coffee machines compatible with L’OR coffee capsules.

*Third-party trademark brand in no way affiliated with JACOBS DOUWE EGBERTS.



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