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Variety pack

L’OR Grand Assortment

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L’OR Grand Assortment

Discover the range of L'OR with the Grand Assortment. Our L’OR Coffee Artists combined the best flavours in one Variety Pack: the L’OR Grand Assortment. Experience different aromas with 200 capsules of 20 different L’OR capsules. Of every flavour, 10 capsules are included. Ranging from delicate, silky smooth blends to fiery masterpieces. Compose your very own coffee ritual with L’OR. Discover which capsules are included below.

2 x Ristretto Decaffeinato
Intensity 9 Intense - spicy

1 x Espresso Fortissimo
Intensity 10 Intense - spicy

2 x Espresso Colombia
Intensity 8 Intense - spicy

2 x Lungo Profondo
Intensity 8 Intense - spicy

1 x Espresso Splendente
Intensity 7 Delicate - balanced

1 x Espresso Decaffeinato
Intensity 6 Delicate - balanced

2 x Espresso Supremo
Intensity 10 Intense - spicy

1 x Espresso Forza
Intensity 9 Nutty - complex

1 x Lungo Mattinata
Intensity 5 Delicate - balanced

1 x Lungo Elegante
Intensity 6 Floral - fruity

1 x Lungo Estremo
Intensity 10 Intense - spicy

2 x Espresso Onyx
Intensity 12 Intense - spicy

1 x Ristretto
Intensity 11 Nutty - complex

1 x Espresso Ultimo
Intensity 13 Smooth - balanced

1 x Espresso Guatemala
Intensity 7 Smooth - balanced

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About L’OR Grand Assortment Variety Pack capsules

  • A Variety Pack of 200 capsules, with 20 different L’OR flavours.
  • Compatible with Nespresso® & L’OR BARISTA coffee machines
  • Includes L’OR ristretto, espresso and lungo capsules
  • All L’OR coffee is packed in aluminium recyclable coffee pods, preserving the aroma and the flavours of the coffee the best way
  • Coffee coming from UTZ certified farms

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