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Decaffeinated coffee pods

Drink Decaf Ristretto & Espresso

If you want to get through your day without a lot of ups and downs in your energy level but still want to enjoy great coffee flavour throughout the day, try drinking decaffeinated coffee. L'OR makes Decaf Ristretto and Espresso that are intensely aromatic and flavourful: try Ristretto decaffeinato or Espresso decaffeinato and you’ll enjoy the same amazing coffee experience as you do with our caffeinated coffee capsules. Kick back and sip a cup of coffee in the afternoon or after dinner, with L’OR Decaffeinated Ristretto & L’OR Decaffeinated Espresso, you’ll have no trouble falling asleep!

Why use decaf coffee capsules?

Many people prefer the decaffeinated version of their favourite coffee. There are a lot of reasons to choose decaf pods: some coffee drinkers are strongly affected by caffeine or have trouble sleeping. Some feel that decaf coffee is better for their health. In fact, decaf coffee is frequently recommended for women who are pregnant and people who have anxiety. With Decaf L'OR Espresso capsules it’s easy to brew a cup of decaffeinated coffee, just put the decaf coffee pod in your coffee machine, press the button, relax and enjoy.

Types of Decaffeinated coffee pods

Different people like different types of coffee. Do you like intense coffee taste? There are lots of people like you, but also others who prefer a milder flavour. This is why L'OR offers two different types of decaf pods with different taste and aroma profiles. L'OR Ristretto Decaffeinato, is a full-flavoured, intense coffee with bright spicy notes. Then there’s L'OR Espresso Decaffeinato. This decaffeinated coffee capsule offers a sweet aroma and a milder flavour, with touches of wild berries and cocoa.

Fortunately, our Espresso decaffeinated capsules are also offered in a variety pack, so you can try both and decide which flavour you enjoy most. Maybe you’ll like both of them! No problem, you can order your favourite decaffeinated pods online.

Purchase L'OR Decaf coffee pods online

You can have top-quality decaf coffee capsules delivered right to your doorstep. L'OR decaffeinated coffee pods offer the very best in terms of flavour and aroma, you won’t even notice that it’s decaf. With L’OR Decaf Ristretto or Decaf Espresso pods, not only can you make espresso, you can also make a decaf cappuccino, latte or flat white. Just start up your espresso machine, pop in one of our decaf coffee pods and get out your milk foamer. Enjoy!.

Interested in something other than decaffeinated coffee? Explore L'OR Espresso, Ristretto, Lungo or all L'OR coffee pods.

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