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Choosing just the right coffee is a wonderfully personal moment. Many of us drink coffee on a daily basis and the coffee we choose reflects our individual personalities as well as our moods. L’OR has created an amazing selection of coffee experiences, so you’re sure to find the right one to match the moment. Sit back and enjoy our wide range of pure coffee pleasure.

Coosing coffeeCoosing coffee

Coffee capsules

Drink a ristretto, espresso or lungo.

L'OR beans iconL'OR beans icon

Coffee beans

Coffee comes from coffee beans that you can ground in your automatic coffee machine.

L'OR cupsL'OR cups

Different coffee types

There are so many different types of coffee. Both with and without milk.

L'OR Coffee Capsules

Finding it hard to choose just one L'OR coffee? Feel free to explore! Compatible with Nespresso coffee machines, L'OR coffee capsules can also be used in a L'OR coffee machine. Have fun selecting the one coffee that's right for you or explore a universe of coffee flavours and aromas.

L'OR single espresso flatL'OR single espresso flat


In Italian, this word means 'restricted', which perfectly describes how a limited amount of water but the same amount of coffee is used to create this stronger, more concentrated type of espresso. The result? A deep, aromatic brew that’s a great pick-me-up at almost any time of day.

L'OR single espresso flatL'OR single espresso flat


A European classic, first thing in the morning or right after a meal, this enchanting little cup of black coffee is so versatile! It can be enjoyed on its own or used to create so many other delicious drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, or even cocktails and desserts.

L'OR single Lungo flatL'OR single Lungo flat


In Italian, this word means 'long' and it describes a drink made with twice as much water but the same amount of coffee as a classic espresso. Served in a larger cup, a lungo has a flavour profile like that of filter coffee but deeper and more intense.

L'OR how to make coffeeHow to make coffee at home

How do you brew ground coffee?

To make ground coffee, coffee beans are first roasted, then ground and packed. Ground coffee can be brewed in several ways. Here are three of the most popular:

  1. A filter coffee maker is what you need when you want to brew a large amount of coffee quickly. Ground coffee is measured out into a filter and hot water then slowly drips through the coffee in the filter. The aromas and flavours of the coffee are infused into the water, producing an aromatic and slightly bitter coffee.

  2. An Italian ‘cafetiere’ or Moka, is a type of percolator that forces boiling water and steam through ground coffee that is packed into a funnel-shaped filter basket. The filter basket is positioned between a water reservoir on the bottom and a coffee reservoir on the top. A Moka produces a full-bodied, aromatic coffee.

  3. Try a French Press coffee maker, it’s quick and easy to use! Measure your ground coffee into the bottom of the cafetière, then gently pour simmering water over it. Brew the coffee for between 30 seconds and 2 minutes, depending on how strong you want the final cup. When the coffee has reached the desired strength, press down slowly on the plunger, separating the grounds from the coffee. This method is prized by coffee connoisseurs.

Which method should you choose? It depends a lot on the grind of the coffee beans. Finer grinds take shorter brewing times, the important thing is to fully release the coffee’s flavours and aromas.

L'OR classiqueL'OR classique

How is instant coffee made?

Instant coffee is composed of dehydrated granules of brewed coffee that turn back into a liquid when you add hot water. All you have to do is place one to two teaspoons of instant coffee in a cup or mug, gently pour over some hot water, stir and enjoy.

Remember, all instant coffees are not the same! Of course it won’t taste like coffee brewed from freshly ground beans, but the quality of the blend does count. There are delicious instant coffees made from high-quality blends featuring layered flavours and aromas.

Another plus of instant coffee is that it can be stored longer than ground coffee.

Espresso shotEspresso shot

How does the coffee bean become an espresso?

Usually, coffee beans are freshly ground in a machine. To produce a proper espresso, pressurised water is forced through the ground coffee to create an intense small cup of coffee, full-bodied and with a dense crema layer. This method of making coffee brings out the smooth, rich aromas of top-quality coffees. There are several types of mills for grinding coffee beans and different grinds are used for different types of coffee makers.

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