✓  Large assortment in coffee

✓  Premium taste

✓  Responsibly sourced coffee


L’OR Espresso capsules are made from aluminium to provide you with the best espresso. Aluminium is known to effectively preserve the aroma and the flavours of the coffee and now enables you to enjoy the intense taste of a L’OR espresso for a unique experience.


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Recycle your used L'OR capsules with us. If you live in the Republic of Ireland, you can recycle your used L'OR Capsules.

When we receive your L’OR Espresso capsules, the aluminium is finely ground and washed, then melted and recycled to make new products. The coffee grounds are also recycled. 

Recycling box capsRecycling box caps


Attach the label to a box or bag of your used pods (at least 100 used pods).

Recycling enveloppeRecycling enveloppe


Bring the package to your local Post Office.


What happens to the capsules that I send?

All of the waste received will be recycled to create new products. When we receive your L’OR Espresso capsules, we store them in our warehouse until we have a sufficient amount to allow us to recycle them. The aluminium is finely ground and washed, then melted and recycled to make new products. 

Is there a limit to how many L'OR capsules I can send in?

There is a maximum weight of 20kg allowed per shipping label.

How do I send the L'OR espresso capsules back?

We suggest that you send the capsules in the box in which you received them. But you can also use any box that you have, providing it can contain about 100 capsules (the minimum amount for sending). Simply select your box, place a plastic bag inside to avoid leaks, place your L’OR capsules in the box, stick the label on the package and organise for it to be collected by calling the telephone number in the e-mail sent with the label. The size restrictions are 50x50x40cm with a maximum weight of 20kg.

Do I have to wash my used capsules to get rid of the coffee before sending them?

You do not need to wash the capsules before sending them to be recycled. During processing, the coffee grounds will be separated from the rest of the capsule and composted.

Are there any L’OR Espresso capsules that cannot be sent for recycling?

The maximum weight for sending is 20kg.

Why is there a compulsory minimum weight for sending L’OR capsules to be recycled?

We want to limit transport for environmental reasons. Sending bigger quantities at once is better for the environment. We therefore ask you to send a minimum weight of 2kg which corresponds to about 200 capsules.

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