✓  Large assortment in coffee

✓  Premium taste

✓  Responsibly sourced coffee

Surrender to the pleasure of the blend

Explore the experience of pure and simple coffee pleasure in every cup of L'OR: each blend offers you a unique moment. Indulge your senses with the inviting completeness of the rich aromas and well-balanced selection of aromatic and intense flavours. Let yourself go and be captivated by L'OR, among the world’s highest-quality coffees.


L'OR Universe

How our coffee is produced

There's an amazing story behind every cup of L'OR coffee. Planting, harvesting, roasting and blending: all part of an incredible journey from raw coffee bean to a warm cup of incredible coffee flavour. Our coffee story starts with the humble coffee berry. But, the quality of that little berry makes all the difference to the outstanding L'OR coffee that pours into your cup.


Choosing the coffee that's right for you

Whether for yourself or a friend, a ristretto or a lungo, you can enjoy L’OR coffee in a multitude of ways. Different flavours, different coffee makers, follow our guide to help you choose! Our L'OR coffee artists are passionate about using a variety of coffee bean blends to create different and exciting flavours and aromas. There's a fascinating blend to suit any taste. Discover which blend is right for you.


Tasting the best coffee

At L'OR, we're happy to let you in on our secrets. From preparation methods to tasting know how, together we'll explore the secrets behind each unique L’OR coffee moment. We'll guide you through the flavour profiles of our coffees so that you can enjoy a fantastic tasting journey through the world of L'OR espresso coffee.




L'OR aluminium coffee capsules can be recycled. This is one way L'OR can make a difference when it comes to a sustainable future encouraged by the reuse of materials. L’OR makes its espresso pods from aluminium so that you get top-quality espresso coffee in every cup. Aluminium is very effective in preserving coffee’s aromas and flavours for a unique L’OR espresso experience.


Coffee from across the globe

The coffee experts at L'OR are passionate about discovering the best tasting coffees across the globe. Every cup of L’OR coffee has been designed by our coffee artists to bring you a unique taste experience. L’OR is working with the World Coffee Research partnership to discover a variety of coffees, creating coffee enjoyment for the future.


A passion for protection

The Rainforest Alliance is an international certification organisation that works to protect the environment and farmers. L'OR is committed to environmental protection and improved livelihoods for farmers, that’s why we are a certified partner of the Rainforest Alliance.

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