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✓  Premium taste

✓  Responsibly sourced coffee

Where does L'OR Coffee come from?

L'OR coffee was started in France and our goal has always been to make an excellent selection of top-quality coffees available to coffee lovers across the globe. We have a fantastic team of Coffee Artists who are passionate about their work. They’re goal is to offer coffee drinkers a broad range of L'OR blends, each one of which features layers of flavour and aroma that engage all of your senses.


Even though we’ve become a global company, bringing coffee to households worldwide, we still treasure our French roots. That means we value a strong commitment to the best quality and attention to detail — from the care with which we select whole coffee beans and roast them to bring out the best aromas and flavours to our excellent selection of Nespresso* Compatible Capsules. It also means we appreciate the small pleasures in life, like taking time to really enjoy a good cup of coffee.


*Third-party brand in no way affiliated with JACOBS DOUWE EGBERTS

Coosing coffeeCoosing coffee

Compatible capsules

The capsules are designed to fit Nespresso* machines

L'OR beans iconL'OR beans icon

Flavour and aroma

The team of passionate Coffee Artists created each L’OR blend

Coosing coffeeCoosing coffee

Recyclable capsules

Our L’OR aluminium coffee capsules are all recyclable

L'OR universe beansL'OR our story

What makes L'OR coffee special?

Here at L'OR we source our coffee from the world’s finest coffee growing regions. Once we have the beans, our Coffee Artists begin the careful roasting and blending process that enables us to offer you a unique experience in every cup. For us, one of coffee’s greatest pleasures is found in the complex layers of flavour and aroma that draw you in, engaging all of your senses. L'OR coffee is unique because we balance complexity in every blend with a smooth, rich coffee experience that can be enjoyed at any time of day.

L'OR universeL'OR universe


At L’OR, we’re passionate about coffee! That’s why we have a team of dedicated coffee experts who are focused on the latest coffee research and innovation. They start with sourcing the very finest coffee beans from exciting, undiscovered places, then they test out new and improved roasting and blending techniques to enhance aroma and flavour and finally, they research the best and simplest ways to prepare your favourite coffees.

Our dedication to innovation means we can offer you unique and intriguing coffee experiences by improving our techniques, and by working on methods that ensure we will always be enhancing the enjoyment of coffee lovers around the world well into the future.

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The art of tasting coffeeThe art of tasting coffee




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