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Strong coffee? Try ristretto capsules

Ristretto is known for its intense, aromatic taste. The taste sensation is more intense than with an espresso, because less water is used. With L'OR Espresso ristretto pods you make the perfect ristretto. Just at home with your own espresso machine. The coffee beans are carefully selected, which ensures the ultimate taste experience of L'OR Ristretto capsules.

Why buy L'OR ristretto pods?

Waking up or need focus? Try ristretto. The taste is more pronounced and fuller than an espresso. Yet the ristretto is less bitter. For many, the perfect shot of caffeine. A ristretto contains less water than an espresso, so it contains more coffee and caffeine in proportion. Ristretto or Espresso? You can say it. With L'OR Espresso Ristretto pods you start your day well.

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