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Origins Collection

The purest flavour experience is unlocked in our L’OR Origins Collection, every coffee bean is influenced by the unique environment of its homeland. Our master blenders have enhanced the personality of each origin, selecting only rare beans and blending them to reflect and respect the natural characteristics of the world’s richest soils. Will you indulge in the enticing taste sensations of India, be pulled by our striking Papua New Guinea blend, or allured by our aromatic Colombia arabica?

2 x Espresso Colombia
Intensity 8 Intense - spicy

2 x Espresso Papua New Guinea
Intensity 7 Floral - fruity

2 x Espresso India
Intensity 10 Spicy – powerful – daring

2 x Espresso Guatemala
Intensity 7 Smooth - balanced

2 x Espresso Indonesia
Intensity 9 Intense - spicy


Origins Collection

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