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Lungo coffee pods

Try L'OR Espresso Lungo coffee pods

Would you like to enjoy the intense flavour of our delicious coffee even longer? Choose one of our new-generation, airtight aluminium lungo coffee pods. Lungo is Italian for long, reflecting the longer extraction process used compared to espresso. It includes the same amount of coffee, but is prepared differently. Try our best sellers L'OR Lungo Profondo, Lungo Mattinata, Lungo Elegante or the Lungo Estremo. Lungos are larger than espressos, so you can enjoy your delicious cup of coffee even longer. Use a lungo cup for the best experience. It is also possible to make a cup of lungo coffee in an Espresso machine.

Why choose L'OR Lungo coffee pods?

Lungo coffee is a larger cup of coffee, perfect for breakfast or at work. The strength is comparable to that of a filter coffee, but will often have a more intense taste. Whether you prefer a delicate start of your morning or a more full-bodied coffee, there is always a lungo for you. With lungo coffee capsules from L'OR Espresso, you can enjoy your coffee with one press on the button. Our carefully selected coffee beans ensure the ultimate flavour experience.

Add milk to lungo coffee

If you like coffee but prefer to add a dash of milk, the L'OR Lungo is perfect for you. Adding a dash of milk enhances, the smoothness of the coffee. You can also use the lungo coffee to make a latte.

The L'OR Lungo pods can be used for several coffees, always bringing out the full flavour and intensity of the coffee.

Buy your L’OR Lungo pods online

Do you fancy a good cup of Lungo coffee but are still looking for the right capsule? The L'OR Lungo pods are available in different strengths and flavours. Do you prefer a strong coffee with flavours like dark chocolate and fruity notes? Then the Lungo Profondo is the one for you. Do you prefer a slightly less strong lungo? Then we recommend trying the Lungo Mattinata.

L'OR Lungo coffee pods are easy to order online and are delivered at home. When they arrive, all you have to do is switch on the coffee machine, insert the capsule and enjoy a delicious L'OR Lungo coffee.

Not looking for lungo? Have a look at L'OR Espresso, Ristretto, Decaf or all L'OR coffee pods.


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