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Ristretto coffee pods

Ristretto capsules

  1. Add to Compare Ristretto Decaffeinato
    Ristretto Decaffeinato
    • Cups 10
    • Intensity 9/13
    • Ristretto
  2. Add to Compare L'OR Ristretto maxi pack
    L'OR Ristretto maxi pack
    • Cups 40
    • Intensity 11/13
    • Ristretto

How strong is a ristretto coffee?

A ristretto is very strong and has many similarities to an espresso, but there is a difference in the amount of water used to prepare each. The L'OR Ristretto pods feature an intense blend where a combination of fresh spice aromas comes to the fore in the coffee. This is the case with the Ristretto 11 coffee capsule. Like the taste of ristretto coffee but are trying to avoid caffeine? No problem at all with the L’OR Ristretto decaffeinato. We have developed a special Ristretto decaffeinato so that you can also drink your coffee without caffeine. It also has an intense aromatic flavour so you can enjoy the great taste.

Organic L’OR Ristretto coffee capsules

The materials we use for the Ristretto coffee pods are made of recyclable aluminium to best preserve the aroma and taste of the coffee so every cup of ristretto tastes just like you would expect from us.

Why try L'OR Ristretto coffee pods?

Need to wake up or be focused? Try a ristretto. The flavour is fuller and bolder than that of an espresso. However, the taste is less bitter and offers a perfect shot of caffeine. As it's created with less water, a ristretto coffee has less volume, but the proportion of caffeine is greater than that contained in an espresso. Ristretto vs. espresso? You choose! With L'OR Espresso and Ristretto pods, you’re ensured an easy start to your day. The right choice for lovers of strong, black coffee. Buy online and have it delivered to your home.

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