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Lungo pods

Experience L’OR Lungo Espresso capsules

Are you ready to discover intense coffee flavour that lasts even longer? Try making a lungo coffee with one of our airtight aluminium lungo capsules. In Italian “lungo” means long, because this coffee uses a longer extraction process than espresso. It’s a different way of brewing the same quantity of coffee. At the top of our best sellers’ list you’ll find: Lungo Estremo, Lungo Mattinata, Lungo Elegante and L'OR Lungo Profondo. You’ll get a bigger cup than with espresso, so you can relax and enjoy a delicious aromatic coffee for even longer. Relax with a coffee prepared in a lungo cup. And, no worries, you can also make it in your espresso machine.

Reasons to use L'OR Lungo coffee pods?

Would you prefer a larger cup of coffee at work or with your breakfast? Lungo coffee makes a larger cup and the strength is similar to a filter coffee, however, you’ll discover that the coffee flavour is often more intense. We have lungo coffee pods to suit every coffee taste, from mild to full-bodied taste, L’OR has your favourite lungo. With L'OR Lungo Espresso, great coffee is at your fingertips. Our expertly selected coffee beans guarantee the full-bodied, aromatic taste you expect.

Lungo coffee with milk

Do you prefer a drop of milk with your coffee? L'OR Lungo coffee is delicious with milk. A bit of milk makes the coffee taste even smoother. Our lungo coffees are also a great base for making latte.

With its full, intense flavour and aroma, L'OR Lungo is perfect for creating all kinds of coffee drinks.

Purchase L’OR Lungo pods online

In the mood for a great Lungo coffee but still haven’t found lungo capsules that you like? At L'OR our selection of lungo pods offers a variety of coffee strengths and flavour profiles. Are you someone who loves strong coffee with hints of dark chocolate and fruity aromas? Try our Lungo Profondo with its intense coffee flavour. Looking for a smoother, milder lungo? We’ll wager that you’ll love our Lungo Mattinata.

It’s easy to purchase top-quality L'OR Lungo coffee pods online and have them delivered right to your doorstep. And, they’re so easy to use, just pop a lungo coffee pod into your coffee machine, press the button, and relax with a fantastic L'OR Lungo coffee.

Looking for something other than lungo coffee? Discover L'OR Espresso, Ristretto, Decaf or all L'OR coffee pods.

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