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The best milk alternatives to create plant based coffee recipes

You love a good latte or iced coffee but you don't want to use milk for it for whatever reason? We got you! You don't have to give up on your favourite coffee. Plant based drinks are on the rise and are a good alternative to full fat milk and dairy products. The best part? They make your coffee taste even better!

The best milk alternatives for coffee

If you're a fan of lattes, cappuccino's and iced coffees, you probably know they need to be made with milk. Times are changing! Nowadays, you can find different plant milk drinks in almost all regular supermarkets. Replacing milk with a plant based milk alternative is no big deal anymore. It can even add an extra dimension to your coffee. Our favourite milk alternatives are made from:
- Almonds
- Oat
- Coconut

These milk alternatives can all be frothed to create the perfect addition to your coffee. Besides that they give an extra bit of flavor. Please note these drinks are not actually milk, but taste and look similar to milk. Whether you're on a diet, lactose or dairy intolerant, vegan, or skipping milk for other reasons, always check the ingredients and allergens information on the products of your choice. We'll explain our favourite plant based drink types and share three coffee recipes based on their flavour.

  1. Almond milk drink
    For those who prefer a nutty taste in their coffee. This beverage is made of almonds and is available in different flavors. Most of them taste creamy and nutty, some sweeter than others. Almond milk works well with coffees that are low in acidity and can really complement espresso in some recipes, such as the Almond Milk Latte below.

  2. Oat milk drink
    Nr. 1 milk alternative for many baristas. The creamy taste and smooth texture of this oat drink works well together with espresso and coffee. Whether you use it for a cappuccino or latte; oat milk creates great foam, even allowing you to make latte art. We used oat drink for our Vanilla Latte Recipe.
  3. Coconut milk drink
    Add a tropical twist to your coffee with coconut milk. Be aware this type of plant-based beverage can overpower the coffee flavour. Coconut will give your coffee a rather sweet, but natural touch. It will not result in a dense foam as your used to from full-fat milk. People love the summery vibe it gives to their coffee, as it does to our Coconut Iced Coffee.

Vegan Almond Latte Recipe

If you're looking for an easy vegan latte recipe, this is the one! All you need is an espresso machine, your favourite espresso, almond drink and a milk frother. Make sure you check if your almond milk is actually vegan. Brew a cup of your favourite espresso. We recommend L'OR Espresso Or Rose. The almond will complement the nutty tones of this espresso. Froth the milk alternative in your frother. Make sure there is not too much foam. Add the froth to your coffee. Add any ingredients you like to sweeten up your Almond Latte. Try extra almond extract or some maple syrup. Perfect for the cold days!

Oat Milk Vanilla Latte Recipe

Off day? This plant based Vanilla Latte will make you feel better. You can easily make it with your favourite espresso, oat milk drink and vanilla extract. Warm the oat milk alternative with the vanilla extract. Froth untill you have a nice foam. Brew one espresso and add the warm oat vanilla mixture. Finish off with some cinnamon for an extra warming touch. Enjoy!

Coconut Iced Coffee Recipe

Longing for a summer drink? No matter what season it is, this coconut iced coffee will bring you back to summer. For this recipe, you'll need espresso, coconut milk, vanilla extract and maple syrup. Put the coconut milk, vanilla and syrup in a pan and bring to a boil. Let it simmer for about 3 minutes and remove from the heat. Cool down and refrigerate in a glass. Prepare two L'OR pods Ristretto 11 and cool down to room temperature. Take the glass with the coconut drink mixture from the fridge and pour in the Ristretto. Your plant based coconut iced coffee is now ready.

For every plant based drink please make sure to check the packaging for the list of ingredients and allergens in this product prior to purchase. Not all milk alternatives are completely lactose-free, vegan or plant based.

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