Ground coffee

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Ground coffee

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4 Products

Discover L’OR Espresso Ground: exclusive coffee

Try the ground coffee line of L’OR for a delicious cup of filtered or brewed coffee. Roasted coffee is available in packs of 250 grams. L’OR offers three specialties: L’OR Intense, which is rich and lively, L’OR Classique, which is balanced and refined, and L’OR Elegant, which is mild and smooth. Use a coffee machine with a coffee filter which helps filter the liquid dripping into a pot.

Why try L’OR Ground Coffee?

L’OR filter coffee is created of the highest quality beans. These beans are roasted and grinded, resulting in coffee bags of filtered coffee. You can use this ground coffee in almost every coffee machine. Filter coffee machines, but also in a press or drip coffee. Perfect when you enjoy black coffee the most.

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