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Espresso Costa Rica Aquiares

Espresso Costa Rica Aquiares


Sweet - fresh - complex




10 Cupsules


Enjoy the delicious, fruity flavours of our new, limited-edition Costa Rica AQUIARES coffee capsules. Dive into the honey-like aroma and be enchanted from the first sip. Intensely complex fruity notes combine with the rich, sweet aroma for a perfectly balanced taste. Artful roasting brings this blend to life giving you the precious gift of rose, raisin, vanilla and molasses overtones that open up layer by layer, adding sophistication and intrigue to the milk-chocolate-like base notes.

● Complex
● Fruity
● Sweet

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Costa Rica AQUIARES flavour profile

About Costa Rica AQUIARES coffee capsules

● Honey-like aroma paired with intensely fruity and milk-chocolate notes.
Recyclable aluminium capsules to best preserve the intense coffee flavour.
● There are 10 coffee pods in every pack of limited edition Costa Rica AQUIARES coffee.
● Use these capsules in any L’OR coffee machine. They’re also compatible with Nespresso* coffee machines.
*Third-party trademark brand which is not affiliated in any way with JACOBS DOUWE EGBERTS

● The abundant forests of the Costa Rica AQUIARES estate are where this coffee is grown.

Purchase Costa Rica AQUIARES coffee pods

Let our limited-edition Costa Rica AQUIARES coffee capsules spark your imagination and interest. We’ve especially chosen coffee beans from Costa Rica’s AQUIARES Estate for this unique blend. AQUIARES coffee is grown on the slopes of the Turrialba Volcano, between two rivers, in the ideal coffee-growing environment.

How to brew Costa Rica AQUIARES coffee

It’s easy to brew our limited-edition Costa Rica AQUIARES coffee. Start with a L’OR BARISTA coffee machine, a Nespresso* coffee machine, or another model that is compatible with L’OR coffee capsules.
*Third-party trademark brand which is not affiliated in any way with JACOBS DOUWE EGBERTS

Just pop a limited-edition coffee capsule into your machine and press the button to brew a delicious cup of Costa Rica AQUIARES coffee.
The densely complex fruity notes and honey-like aroma are sure to please. Explore the world of coffee and enjoy special moments with L’OR.

Need more information about compatible coffee capsules? We have a list of which coffee machines can be used with L'OR coffee capsules.

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