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L'OR cardamom Fushion recipeL'OR cardamom Fushion recipe

Let the flavors fuse

Cardamom Fig Fusion

Glass: one coffee cup and one small, wide-rimmed wine glass
Garnish: shaved dark chocolate and a slice of dark fig

Prep time: 5 minutes



  1. Shave the dark chocolate with a grater or knife.
  2. Chop the fig as finely as possible. Leave aside one slightly larger slice of fig.
  3. Add the finely chopped fig, condensed milk, milk and crushed ice to your blender. Blend until thick and smooth.
  4. Pour out the blender into the wine glass.
  5. Delicately place the dark chocolate shavings and the remaining fig slice on top of the cold beverage.
  6. Pour a shot of espresso or serving of coffee into the espresso or coffee cup.
  7. Take one green cardamom pod and gently crack it with your fingers.
  8. Place the cracked cardamom on top of the hot espresso or coffee and let the flavors fuse.
  9. Serve and enjoy as a two glass cocktail (hot and cold).
L'OR Cardamom Fushion recipeL'OR Cardamom Fushion recipe

Used products

Espresso Forza

  • Cups 10
  • Intensity 9/13
  • Espresso


Espresso Splendente

  • Cups 10
  • Intensity 7/13
  • Espresso

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