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Ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day 2021 at home

Need ideas for what to do on Valentine’s Day? Here are L’OR’s best ideas for how to enjoy Valentine’s Day at home. Every year, we celebrate the love in our lives with romantic gestures on February  14th. Are you wondering what to do this year? Here are some of our favourite Valentine’s Day activities that you can do with your sweetheart. 

You can have a good time celebrating Valentine’s Day regardless of whether or not you’re in a relationship. It’s a great day to do the things that bring happiness into your life be it with your favourite sibling, best friend, or that special someone. While Valentine’s Day 2021 may be different, you can still celebrate your love and show your appreciation for your partner while relaxing at home. Keep reading for some great Valentine’s Day ideas that are sure to bring a smile to your lover’s face.

10 Things to do on Valentine’s Day 2021

What makes your lover happy? Maybe it’s a luxurious champagne breakfast with fresh strawberries. Or perhaps a fresh cup of coffee is the way to your lover’s heart? Make your loved one’s heart skip a beat with our ten things to do on Valentine’s Day. Some of our tips even involve coffee! Also, get inspired by some of our delicious recipes; we recommend you try making them with your lover.


  1. Romantic Breakfast for Valentine’s Day
    Why not surprise your loved one with a romantic Valentine’s Day breakfast? Does your sweetheart like to take it easy in the mornings? Relax together with some fresh fruit, creamy yogurt, juice and an aromatic cappuccino topped with foamed milk. There are so many kinds of milk: full cream, low fat, skim milk, soy milk, oat milk, almond milk or even coconut milk—which one does your Valentine like best? You could also go for light and luxurious with champagne and fresh strawberries. Your lover will definitely appreciate whatever you do! Just ask yourself: what’s sure to please the one you love?

  2. Coffee for your coffee-lover
    Does your valentine appreciate the perfect cup of fresh-brewed coffee? Offer your spouse their favourite coffee and try surprising them by adding a love note on the side. What better way to celebrate together than enjoying an aromatic brew with your partner on Valentine’s Day. What kind of coffee does your special someone prefer? Below are a few suggestions of the different Valentine’s Day coffees you can serve your lover.

    Espresso or Ristretto
    Does he or she like to start the day with an intense pick-me-up? Go for L’OR Espresso Onyx: a formidable espresso. Does your lover like to make it last? Then try warming your partner’s heart with a strong, aromatic Lungo like L’OR Espresso Profondo. Make your sweetheart sit up and take notice by serving a delicious heart-shaped chocolate or two with their coffee. If you need a recipe for an extra-romantic coffee, be sure to try our Roseleaf Kiss Espresso! A sweet coffee blend topped with a touch of creamy milk foam and elegant rose petals.

    Filter or Drip Coffee with milk and sugar
    Ordinary drip or filter coffee doesn’t have to be humdrum! Dress it up for Valentine’s by serving it on a red napkin sprinkled with chocolate-covered coffee beans or a heart-shaped biscuit. Does your lover take cream or milk and sugar? Serve the coffee in a Valentine’s-themed mug with a dish of pink sugar and a decorative cream jug.

    Latte Macchiato
    A coffee glass filled with a creamy latte macchiato looks both elegant and delicious! When served in a glass, this tasty coffee drink shows off its lovely milk and espresso layers. To create the perfect latte macchiato, be sure to choose an intense espresso, like L’OR Onyx. Compliment this smooth taste with a drizzle of caramel syrup and a square of fudge on the side. Would you rather play it cool for Valentine’s Day? Check out our delicious Iced Latte Macchiato recipe.

    Is a cappuccino what makes your lover smile? Brew one up at home and make it special by using a stencil to create a design on top with cocoa or cinnamon. Are you ready to show off your home barista skills? Master the art of drawing a heart in the foam! Serve it with a little glass of water for an authentic Italian touch, you could also place a small romantic gift on the side to complete a special Valentine’s breakfast. 

  3. Coffee and chocolate for an aphrodisiac Valentine’s Day dinner
    Ready to set the sparks flying with a romantic dinner? Coffee and chocolate are known aphrodisiacs that will stimulate not only your appetite but also your endorphins, also known as the pleasure hormone. Whip up a passionate meal for your Valentine and get ready for more intense romance later in the evening!

  4. Baking together
    Have you ever heard the saying: ‘those who bake together, stay together’? Try it and find out if it’s true! Spending time in the kitchen together is a fun way for couples to bond. All the more so when you’re baking delicious sweets to enjoy together.

  5. Try your hand at Latte Art
    Are you both coffee lovers? Try your hand at doing Latte Art together! Creating designs with coffee and milk foam can be a fun and entertaining way to express your love. Start out with a classic: a cappuccino with a milk-foam heart.

  6. Take a romantic walk and warm up with a take-away coffee
    Everywhere you go is romantic when you’re with the one you love. Enjoy a taking a walk around the neighbourhood while you share your favourite memories. Then, warm up by stopping by your lover’s favourite coffee bar for a take-away coffee.

  7. Create an album with your favourite photos
    With your lover, your best friend or your favourite family member—creating a photo album is a wonderful way to celebrate your best memories together. Valentine’s Day is a great time to relax and enjoy some java while looking through your old photos!

  8. Have fun with an at-home coffee tasting
    Enjoy all the pleasures of a real coffee tasting at home. It’s a great way to discover new coffee flavours and aromas with your special coffee lover. Refine your coffee tasting ability, get adventurous and learn even more about the coffee blends the two of you like best.

  9. Make your home a romantic holiday destination
    Many of us are staying at home these days, but that doesn’t mean we have to miss out on romantic holiday fun! You can recreate a romantic holiday atmosphere at home to enjoy a Valentine’s ‘get away’ with your loved one. Start with a ‘room service’ breakfast in bed, turn your living room into a cinema, and turn off your phones so that you can truly relax and give each other your undivided attention.

  10. Cocktails with a touch of coffee
    In the mood to relax with a Valentine’s Day drink? There are so many coffee cocktails from which to choose! Besides, they’re flavourful, aromatic, and super easy to make. Shake things up with your lover by mixing up one of these classics: Irish Coffee, French Connection Coffee or Flaming Spanish Coffee.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Searching for just the right Valentine’s Day Gift for the one you love? If he or she is a coffee lover, we’ve got you covered! A coffee bundle is a great gift; stick with their favourites or surprise your lover with a new coffee adventure. There are so many options: L’OR bundle Origins collection, L’OR bundle smooth assortment or L’OR bundle intense assortment. Want something extra special? Check out our L’OR Coffee Accessories. We have L’OR espresso cups for your sweetheart’s Espresso as well as elegant Lungo cups for enjoying a delicious Lungo

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