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What is a flat white?

The flat white, originated in Australia or New Zealand, is prepared differently around the world: foamy and not foamy. In most cafés and coffee bars a flat white is served like a small latte with a little less milk. You could think that the flat white is the same as a latte, but there are some differences. The ratio milk/coffee differs. In a flat white, the milk blends perfectly with the coffee, resulting in a more balanced, stronger coffee flavour. To serve this coffee, there are two ways to do it. The most common, but more advanced way, is to serve the flat white without letting the foam separate the milk. You do this by swirling a milk- and microfoam mixture into a shot of espresso. This is what you'll get from the barista: a velvety mixture of coffee and milk, with only a small, almost invisible layer of milk. Another way to serve a perfect flat white is to combine a shot of espresso with steamed milk. Before you know, you created your flat white.

How to make a flat white with L'OR Espresso

There are two ways to prepare your flat white. The only things you need is an espresso machine, a capsule and some milk. An example of a L'OR flavour you can use are our ristretto capsules. After choosing your favourite ristretto or espresso, you start the espresso machine, insert the coffee pod and let the aroma in your coffee cup. The division of your flat white should be a double shot of espresso and 2/3 milk. Use your milk foamer to create a microfoam layer. Try to not have a stiff foam layer like you use for a latte or cappuccino. Add the milk to your coffee and enjoy. In comparison with a cappuccino, the espresso is dominating in your mouth, but is more in balance because of the milk.


With L'OR Espresso, you can make the best coffee. Follow the steps below for a perfect Flat White.


  1. Pour the milk into the milk foamer and remove the whisk. Push the button.

  2. Choose the ristretto that you prefer. We recommend L'OR Ristretto 11. Put it in the L'OR Barista and select the espresso button. For a strong flat white, choose the double shot.

  3. To finish the flat white, pour the milk into the espresso to create the perfect cup of coffee.



  • Cups 10
  • Intensity 10/13
  • Espresso

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