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Virtual Coffee Break: keep in touch with a virtual coffee

Have you missed out on the office chat around the coffee machine? It’s hard to catch up with your co-workers when you’re all working from home. But, the great thing is that virtual coffee meetings offer an occasion for casual conversation and help you keep in touch with your colleagues. We’re excited to share some of our tips for your virtual breaks so that you can host an appealing and engaging virtual coffee experience for friends or co-workers.


What exactly is a virtual coffee break?

By now we’re all familiar with meeting apps or software like Zoom, Skype or Google Hangouts. While you may have used them for more serious meetings, they’re also great for having 15-30 minute video chats to catch up on personal news, casually chat about vacations, and maintain friendly connections between colleagues who don’t see each other at the office. While virtual coffee break chats are meant as a place where employees can have a relaxed chat, they can also have a positive impact on business. They can reinforce team spirit, offer opportunities for brainstorming and encourage connections while remote working.


Hosting virtual coffee breaks

1.Choose a platform for your virtual chat.
Pick a virtual meeting platform that is convenient for everyone. There are many choices including Zoom, Skype or Google Hangouts.

2.Pick a time, put it on the schedule, and invite participants.
If your company operates in more than one time zone, try and choose a coffee break time that will work for everyone. Be sure to send out a calendar invite and follow up with a quick reminder before the coffee chat gets going. 

3.Select your preferred L’OR coffee blend and have it ready to go.
Of course you need coffee, even for a virtual coffee break! Check out our selection of L’OR coffee capsules and choose your preferred flavour. You can also show your co-workers or friends your creative coffee making skills. Discover our L’OR recipes and whip up a festive coffee that looks and tastes delicious. Try your hand at some fun coffee drink recipes like our cococcino, sweet bonbon coffee or cool iced frappuccino. 

4.Have fun & schedule your next virtual coffee break
Just like hosting a mini-party, if you scheduled the virtual coffee chat, jump right in and get the conversation rolling. Be an engaged listener for your co-workers and friends, and strengthen your connection by asking follow-up questions. Have fun being together while you enjoy the L’OR coffee you like best. Isn’t it great to hang out together again? Be sure to set a new virtual coffee date to strengthen team bonds while you’re all working from home. 

Hosting a successful virtual coffee break

Want some ideas about how to host a successful virtual coffee break? While we’re working remotely, it’s important to schedule activities that strengthen team spirit and a sense of connectedness.  We’re excited to share some of our tips for your virtual breaks so that you can host an appealing and engaging virtual coffee experience for friends or co-workers.


● Play Coffee Roulette

Wouldn’t it be fun to have a go at Coffee Roulette with your colleagues? Coffee Roulette generates random matches across all levels of the organization and virtual coffee chats are scheduled. This is a fun way to develop trust, deepen connections and improve wellbeing throughout the company.


● Come up with topics for virtual coffee chats in advance

Did you schedule the virtual coffee chat? As the host, your co-workers are looking to you to take the lead in starting the conversation. Before each scheduled meeting, come up with a few topics that your friends or co-workers might enjoy chatting about. Once you get the ball rolling, the conversation will flow. 


Virtual Coffee break: how to choose the right coffee

So, which coffee should you choose for a virtual coffee break? Firstly, pay attention to the time of day, you want to make sure that the strength and caffeine level of your chosen coffee will work with the rest of your schedule. Is your virtual coffee break scheduled for the morning, then try a ristretto, espresso or lungo to keep your energy high. But, if your online coffee chat is in the afternoon, it might be better to go for a more relaxing cup, try a flat white, cappuccino or latte. Naturally, it’s up to you! Many coffee lovers enjoy an espresso or lungo for a late afternoon pick-me-up. Always choose a coffee that you love! Looking to try something new? Find inspiration in L’OR’s bestsellers:

LUNGO ESTREMO – Intensity 10
With its big, bold and daring flavour, our LUNGO ESTREMO offers you an ample cup of full-bodied coffee taste. Indulge in this 100% Arabica blend during your virtual coffee break for an incredibly aromatic experience. 

LUNGO PROFONDO – Intensity 8
Roasted almond and tantalizing liquorice are part of the spicy aroma of our LUNGO PROFONDO. Discover this enchanting flavour experience while you enjoy a virtual chat with your colleagues.

L’OR RISTRETTO – Intensity 11
Power up for the rest of your day with this intense, 100% Arabica ristretto blend. While catching up with your co-workers online, you can fully enjoy the rich, nutty flavour and deep spicy aroma.

Depending on the time of your virtual coffee break, you might prefer a decaf. You can relax and enjoy amazing coffee flavour while avoiding too much caffeine with our L’OR decaffeinated blends. Be sure to try our delicious ristretto decaffeinato and espresso decaffeinato.

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Lungo Mattinata

Intensity 5


Lungo Profondo

Intensity 10

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Intensity 10


Intensity 8

Online only

Lungo Elegante

Intensity 6

Online only

Lungo Elegante

Intensity 6




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