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Top milk alternatives for creating coffee drinks

Who doesn’t love a delicious latte or iced coffee? But, maybe there’s a reason you don’t love milk. No problem! You can still enjoy your favourite coffee without the dairy. Plant-based beverages are an increasingly popular and healthy alternative to full-fat milk or other dairy beverages. You may be surprised to find your coffee tastes even better!

The best non-dairy alternatives for coffee

Do you love lattes, cappuccinos and iced coffee? Then you already know they’re traditionally made with milk. But they don’t have to be! You can now find a broad range of non-dairy alternatives in most grocery stores. Replacing milk with a plant-based beverage is so easy these days. You might even find that it makes your coffee something extra special. The milk alternatives we like best are made from:
- Oats
- Almonds
- Coconut

All of these plant-based drinks can be frothed to make your favourite coffee recipes. They also an extra touch of flavour! None of these drinks are actually ‘milk’, but the taste and texture are quite similar. It doesn’t matter if you're vegan, lactose or dairy intolerant, on a diet, or not using milk for other reasons, be sure to look carefully at the ingredients and allergens information on whatever products you choose. We'll tell you about the plant-based alternatives we like and share three tasty coffee recipes you’re sure to love.

  1. Almond milk drink
    Do you like coffee with a nutty flavour? Then try almond milk! This beverage is created with almonds and usually tastes creamy and nutty. Some brands are sweeter than others. Low-acidity coffees pair well with almond milk and in some recipes it’s the perfect complement to espresso. Try it in the Almond Milk Latte recipe below.

  2. Oat milk drink

    Lots of baristas love the oat milk alternative! Why? The creamy flavour and silky texture of an oat-based beverage makes it the perfect match for espresso and coffee. Use it for a cappuccino or latte, rest assured that oat milk makes great foam, you can even use it when you create latte art. Try our Vanilla Latte Recipe with this delicious oat alternative.

  3. Coconut milk drink
    Coconut milk gives your coffee a tropical twist. Use it with a light hand, or this plant-based beverage might overwhelm the coffee’s flavour. With a coconut drink, your coffee will have a slightly sweet, but satisfying taste. Be prepared, you won’t get the dense foam you would with full-fat milk but it’s perfect for summery coffee drinks, like our delicious and refreshing Coconut Iced Coffee.

Vegan Almond Latte Recipe

This is a fabulous (and easy) vegan latte recipe! Just pull out your espresso machine, some almond milk, your favourite espresso, and a milk frother. Before you buy, check and make sure that your almond milk is really vegan. Now, brew up a shot of your favourite espresso. We love this drink with L'OR Espresso Or Rosé because the nutty almond flavour pairs perfectly with the nutty tones of this espresso. Next froth up your non-dairy alternative with your preferred frother. Don’t make too much foam! Now comes the finishing touch, pour the froth over your expresso. Would you like a little touch of sweet? Try adding a few drops of almond extract or some maple syrup to your Almond Latte. Perfect for a chilly morning!

Oat Milk Vanilla Latte Recipe

Feeling a little blah? This warm, non-dairy Vanilla Latte will brighten your day. Whip one up using with your favourite espresso, an oat milk beverage of your choice and vanilla extract. Warm up the vanilla extract and the oat-basted alternative. Use your frother to create a nice foam. Now make a shot of expresso and pour the warm oat vanilla foam over it. Top with a dusting of cinnamon for a special touch. Enjoy the warmth!

Coconut Iced Coffee Recipe

Feel like enjoying a summery drink? This coconut iced coffee will remind you of happy summer days in any season. All you need for summer fun is espresso, coconut milk, vanilla extract and maple syrup. First, boil the coconut milk, vanilla and syrup in a pan. Lower the heat and simmer for about 3 minutes, then remove from heat and allow to cool. Refrigerate in a glass. Now, brew up two L'OR pods of Ristretto 11 and then cool the coffee to room temperature. Take the glass with the coconut drink mixture from the fridge and pour in the Ristretto. Your non-dairy coconut iced coffee is ready to enjoy.

Please be sure to check the list of ingredients and allergens on the packaging of any plant-based drink prior to purchase. Not all milk alternatives are completely lactose-free, vegan or plant based.

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