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Christmas presents for coffee lovers

Are you ready for Christmas? If you’re shopping for the coffee lovers in your life, L'OR has some unique gift ideas and special offers. Great coffee-themed Christmas gifts can include elegant glasses and opulent coffee selections. You’re certain to find the perfect coffee Christmas presents to bring a smile to the face of your friends and family.


Need just the right Christmas gift for a coffee lover? Thrill your loved ones with elegant L'OR coffee glasses. No coffee-lover’s collection would be complete without these glasses. Coffee glasses are perfect for espresso lovers but also for latte lovers and lungo lovers. A perfect coffee Christmas present, these glasses are easy to use and they accented with a golden rim. These beautiful coffee glasses also feature the elegant L'OR logo.



For a tidy kitchen

Have you seen the L’OR capsule storage box*? It’s the ideal gift for the coffee lover who likes the kitchen to be well organised. Anyone looking for a great coffee Christmas present should take a look at the L'OR capsule storage box. It’s the perfect way for your special coffee lover to store their L'OR Christmas coffee capsules. To celebrate Christmas, L’OR is offering a discount on L’OR Christmas pods so, maybe you could add a pack of their favourite coffee capsules!

*Coffee pods not included


Looking for just the right Christmas gift for the person who has everything? Does that someone love to add an opulent touch to make simple moments special? Give them these elegant gold-toned spoons that make every coffee break a memorable occasion. The perfect Christmas present for your favourite coffee lover.

*Package not included


Is someone in your family a true coffee lover? Do you have a friend or a colleague who’s face brightens when you say ‘coffee break’? L’OR has the best Christmas gift sets for coffee lovers. Take a look and you’ll find great discounts on Christmas coffee gift sets that can also be given together with lovely coffee accessories. Finding just the right present can be difficult at Christmas. Fortunately, at L'OR you’ll find a broad selection of coffee gifts at a nice discount. Your favourite coffee lover will certainly be very happy to receive a lovely L’OR coffee gift. And, our discounts will make you happy too! Having trouble choosing? You can bundle the coffee so that there are several varieties to sample.

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Intensity 10


Have a friend or family member who’s working hard this year? They’ll love our L’OR espresso selection. There’s nothing like an intense, aromatic espresso to get your coffee lover ready for morning meetings or brainstorming sessions. Are you the one who’s in charge? Christmas coffee capsules make a great coffee gift for hard-working employees. L'OR espresso capsules are always a great pick-me-up.


After you've purchased gifts for your favourite coffee lovers, don't forget that we've also got a lot of great recipes you can make with L'OR coffee. Try our different Christmas coffees and make your family and friends smile by preparing a wonderful coffee recipe made with L’OR.

Need to find Christmas gifts for coffee lovers?

L’OR can help you save on coffee gifts this holiday season! You’ll save a lot of money this year with L’OR Christmas deals. And not only can you mind your budget, at the same time you can give your coffee lover a great gift that they’re sure to love. L’OR coffee gifts are Christmas gifts they’ll always remember and enjoy.

Buy Christmas coffee gifts online

It’s easy to order L'OR coffee gifts online. Just add the products you’ve selected to the shopping cart. Then, just go to check out to complete your order and all of your Christmas coffee capsules and Coffee gift sets will be delivered right to your door. All you have to do is wrap them and put them under the Christmas tree. Start your holidays off with L'OR.

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