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What is decaf coffee & how is it made?

Coffee is a wonderful way to take a break any time of day, but sometimes you might want (or need) to cut back on the caffeine. That’s when it’s time to try brewing up a delicious decaf! Did you know that decaffeinated coffee has 97% less caffeine than regular coffee? In the following article you’ll learn all you need to know about decaf coffee!

What exactly does ‘decaf’ mean?

As you’ve probably guessed, ‘decaf’ is just a quick way of saying decaffeinated. However, perhaps you’re wondering if the caffeine is extracted from the coffee beans before or after roasting, or who discovered the decaffeination process and when? Well, firstly, caffeine is extracted from the coffee beans before roasting. Secondly, German coffee merchant Ludwig Roselius is said to have developed the first commercially successful decaffeination process in 1903 when a shipment of beans that got soaked in sea water lost most of its caffeine while keeping most of the coffee flavour. Of course, the processes used today do a much better job of removing caffeine while preserving aroma and taste.

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Decaf coffeeDecaf coffee

How much caffeine is there in decaf coffee?

There are any number of safe ways to remove caffeine from the green coffee beans while preserving maximum coffee flavour and aroma. All of these processes are safe and bring benefits to decaf coffee drinkers.

The benefits of decaffeinated coffee:

  1. Less caffeine means better sleep and lower anxiety levels

  2. Decaf still gives you all of the same beneficial antioxidants as regular coffee
Decaf coffee cup beansDecaf coffee cup beans

How is the caffeine extracted from the coffee beans?

The modern processes used before roasting in order to extract most of the caffeine from fresh, green coffee beans have improved a lot since German coffee merchant Ludwig Roselius’ bags of coffee beans were accidentally doused in sea water! Below you’ll find a brief description of a common decaffeination process:

  • The green coffee beans are treated with water or steam to get them ready for caffeine removal.
  • The plumped beans are often treated with a solvent to remove the caffeine, a process that may need to be repeated to reach the desired decaffeination levels
  • Then, the green coffee beans are steamed again to get rid of any remaining solvent.
  • Once the freshly decaffeinated beans are dry, they’re ready for roasting.
  • All decaffeination methods must meet all of the applicable quality and safety standards, so you’re always sure to get the best quality decaf coffee.

Ready to try decaf coffee capsules?

There are so many reasons to choose decaffeinated coffee! Some have trouble with insomnia or are quite sensitive to the effects of caffeinated coffee. Many coffee lovers with stress and anxiety issues, as well as pregnant women, may be advised to drink decaf by healthcare professionals while others just think decaf coffee is healthier. Luckily, with the careful processing and artful blending that go into L'OR Espresso decaf coffee pods you can brew up a flavourful, aromatic decaf coffee in your own espresso machine. All you need to do is place a decaf coffee capsule in your machine, press the start button and you’re ready to enjoy great coffee flavour!

L'OR decaf coffee L'OR decaf coffee

It’s easy to purchase L'OR decaf coffee pods online

Do you think you could tell the difference between regular and decaf coffee? Try L'OR decaf coffee capsules and find out for yourself! We believe that the aroma and flavour are so rich you won’t notice the difference. Better yet, you can get L'OR decaffeinated coffee capsules delivered right to your door. And, you can use them not only for making espresso or ristretto coffees but also for brewing up a delicious decaf cappuccino, latte or flat white. All you’ll need is L'OR decaf coffee pods, an espresso machine, and a milk foamer. Get ready to take a relaxing break with a great cup of decaf! Nespresso machines are also compatible with our L’OR decaffeinated coffee pods.

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