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Choco lepelsChoco lepels

One of the best kept secrets


Chocospoons: spoons filled with chocolate and your favourite toppings. Richly filled chocolate spoons are one of the best kept secrets to the ultimate coffee-experience. Do you love coffee with chocolate? Then this recipe for chocospoons is highly recommended. Who doesn't love coffee with a hint of chocolate? Serve the chocospoons with a cup of L’OR ESPRESSO Lungo Profondo 8 and stir gently. You could also use the spoons in warm milk, to create a light variant of hot chocolate. Really easy and lovely recipe to create together with your kids. Try it now!

Prep time:15 minutes

Waiting time: 1,5 hours


  • 180 - 200 grams of chocolate (milk or dark)
  • 20 milliliters of L'OR ESPRESSO Lungo Profondo 8 coffee (1 capsule)
  • As garnish: rose petals, freeze-dried and crumbled raspberry, edible glitter and coloured sugar


  1. Melt the chocolate au bain-marie. You can choose to either mix together different kinds of chocolate or melt them separately.

  2. Prepare a baking tray with baking paper to put the spoons on.

  3. Once the chocolate has melted completely, dip in the spoons. Let them cool down on the baking paper.

  4. Add the garnish before the chocolate has solidified. Let the spoons cool down further until the chocolate is completely solid.

  5. Serve the spoons with a cup of L'OR ESPRESSO Lungo Profondo 8 coffee and gently stir the spoons through the coffee.

  6. Enjoy your personalised cup of coffee while all flavours of the chocospoons complement your coffee.Every cup of L’OR coffee provides a pure coffee pleasure. Let yourself be captivated by the intense aroma. Discover a balance of its smooth and rich flavours.

Products used


Espresso Fortissimo

  • Cups 10
  • Intensity 10/13
  • Espresso

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