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Espresso Ultimo - 10 Packs + Lungo Profondo - 10 Packs

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Espresso Ultimo - 10 Packs + Lungo Profondo - 10 Packs

With an intensity rating of 13, L'OR Espresso Ultimo delivers a lively taste and flavor bouquet that's both intense and nuanced. Experience the smoothest side of intensity with L'OR Espresso Ultimo, and be captivated by its pronounced dark roast espresso flavor.

Enjoy the contrast of light toasty notes with the soft fruitiness of prunes and raisins, all in one cup. L'OR Espresso Lungo Profondo has a taste intensity of 8, leaving behind a distinct aftertaste that will leave you yearning for more. This medium roast coffee is taken right to the edge of dark, offering deep hints of chocolate and nuts that are then contrasted with light toasty notes and soft fruitiness. Crafted by L'OR Coffee Artists, the Lungo Profondo blend offers a unique and adventurous coffee experience.

Stock up on your favorite blends with this 20-pack bundle of L'OR Espresso Ultimo & Lungo Profondo capsules.

Bundle content

  • Espresso Ultimo
    Espresso Ultimo
    10 x 10 Capsules
  • Lungo Profondo
    Lungo Profondo
    10 x 10 Capsules
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