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Brazil coffee beans 4x 500 gram

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Brazil coffee beans 4x 500 gram

● Smooth
● Blond roasting
● Intensity 6

Experience the allure of L'OR Brazil, a symphony of unmatched aromas delivering profound coffee enjoyment. The dedicated roasters at L'OR have handpicked the premium Brazilian Arabica beans to craft the distinguished L'OR Brazil concoction, offering a satin smoothness that is unparalleled. Originating from the world's tiniest coffee beans, termed Caracoli, these are exclusively sourced from the Minas and Bahia areas in eastern Brazil. Their distinctive pearl-like shape is celebrated for its heightened aromatic depth, setting our L'OR Brazil blend apart from other coffee types. As you indulge in your first taste, the nutty undertones shine through, evoking images of Brazil's vast azure skies and golden terrains. This harmonious blend also presents subtle notes of green vegetation and fruit, making every sip a delight.This package comes with four 500-gram packs, ensuring extended pleasure.

Bundle content

  • Brazil coffee beans 500 gram
    Brazil coffee beans 500 gram
    4 x 500 gr
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Learn more about L'OR Brazil coffee beans 4x500 gram

● A SMOOTH, NUTTY FLAVOUR that provides a creamy mouthfeel, smooth as satin. The smooth Brazilian blend infuses calm nutty notes with soft vegetal and green fruit flavours.

● A SMOOTH BLEND that carries the ease of the cloudless skies of Brazil. This Brazilian whole beans blend has a soft deliciousness reminiscent of the wide plateaus of Gold.
● ENJOY WHOLE BEANS - This smooth blend has a pleasant softness in every sip, dousing the senses with nutty and fruity aromas. The whole beans can be ground for every preparation method.
● L'OR COFFEE ARTISTS allow their palette guide to select Brazil's finest whole beans mirroring the land of origin. It's best to be enjoyed the same way: slowly, easily, and with time.
● SAVOR THE TASTE, knowing you're enjoying 100% Common Grounds certified coffee, a reflection of our dedication to sustainable practices and the efforts of our farmers.

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L'OR coffee are premium-quality coffee beans that are sourced from some of the world's finest coffee-producing countries. They are expertly roasted to create a unique flavor profile, and are available in a variety of blends, roasts, and intensities.

The incredible journey of our coffee beans

Flowering & harvesting

Small shrubs called coffee bushes produce a white flower and gives way to a fruit called a cherry.

Processing the cherries

Coffee beans are extracted from the freshly harvested cherries.


The essential step that allows the aroma, colour and taste of the coffee to develop.


The beans are packed immediately after roasting to ensure maximum freshness.


Our Coffee Artists use their senses to combine, reveal and elevate coffee tastes. The coffee beans are the palette on which we blend for contrast, depth and elegance. We are committed to protecting our world of coffee, the environment and communities.


At L'OR, we know that there is a wonderful world of unique coffee variety and passionate farmers waiting to be discovered.That's why we've partnered with World Coffee Research to enrich the variety of coffee from around the world. This way, we can help farmers choose fertile varieties for sustainable harvest and ensure a future filled with coffee pleasure.

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