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Extra Long 8

Extra Long 8


Intense - spicy


Intensity 8

10 Capsules

L'OR Extra Long 8 is a lungo that gains strength with intense, spicy aromas and notes of roasted almonds and liquorice, all complemented by a bronze-hued foam. It has been created by our coffee experts to give you an intense blend that preserves its aromas from start to finish so you can enjoy a unique fusion of flavours.
Double Shot Capsules

Exclusive for L'OR Barista Machine

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L'OR Extra Long 8 flavour profile

Learn more about L'OR Extra Long 8 coffee capsules

● Pack of 10 XXL capsules of intensity 8 (on a scale of 1 to 13)
● Coffee from a balanced roast for hints of fruit and chocolate in every sip
● Recyclable and airtight aluminum capsules, specially developed to preserve the aroma and flavor of coffee
● Savor the taste, knowing you're enjoying 100% Common Grounds certified coffee, a reflection of our dedication to sustainable practices and the efforts of our farmers.
● Capsules exclusively compatible with the L'OR BARISTA coffee machine

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L'OR L'OR Extra Long 8 capsules are made of aluminium to preserve the aromas and flavours of your coffee, so you can enjoy the exceptional taste of your L'OR coffee. Enjoy a soothing and spicy blend with L'OR Extra Long 8 coffee. Enjoy the intense pleasure of coffee at any time of the day with your espresso machine.

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