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Espresso Vanilla

Espresso Vanilla



Intensity 8

10 Capsules

Espresso Vanilla is a coffee blended with a number of different flavours in which vanilla is central. The pure vanilla taste is immediately noticeable from the first sip. The aroma is like freshly cut vanilla beans, creating an intoxicating yet delicate taste profile. The pleasant roundness of the flavour gives way to subtle zesty notes, which you’ll notice alongside the aromatic vanilla in this coffee’s aftertaste.

● Pure
● Authentic vanilla notes
● Round
● Delicate
● Rich vanilla

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About Espresso Vanilla coffee pods

● A delicious blend with a rich, deep vanilla flavour combined with an espresso roasted profile.
● On a scale of 1 to 13 this Vanilla Espresso coffee has an intensity of 8.
● These Espresso Vanilla coffee pods can be used in Espresso machines compatible with this type of capsule.
● 10 coffee capsules make 10 cups of Espresso Vanilla coffee.
● We are Rainforest Alliance Certified which contributes to helping the environment.
● L’OR capsules are made with aluminium an abundant and easily recyclable material. You can recycle your used capsules through the Podback recycling scheme. 

Buy Espresso Vanilla coffee capsules

This Espresso vanilla coffee blend is perfectly balanced with a sweet, relaxing flavour that’s never overwhelming. Our vanilla espresso is a new kind of authentic vanilla coffee experience that establishes new expectations for what coffee flavours can do. Discover layers of stimulating tastes and aromas with this delicious new combination of vanilla and Espresso created by our L'OR Coffee Artists.

How do I make a Vanilla Espresso?

Making a Vanilla Espresso coffee is very easy. You can use an Espresso machine compatible with the capsules.

The Espresso Vanilla pack contains 10 capsules, which you can use to make 10 cups of coffee. Put one capsule into the coffee machine and brew it into a glass so that you can see the different layers of coffee.

The coffee is ready to be enjoyed at the touch of a button; now you can discover the new, stimulating layers of flavour and aroma from L'OR.

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