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Espresso Splendente

L'OR Espresso Splendente touches all the senses: a delicious blend that magically combines a full nutty richness with a zesty lightness. Notes of citrus marmalade and nuts come to life in this elegant and bright blend. The perfect reflection of unparalleled espresso quality defines L'OR Espresso Splendente, with a confident aroma, elegant golden crema layer and irresistible flair. L'OR Espresso Splendente's classic smoothness, is as deliciously pleasant as eating a scone piled high with cream and marmalade.

L'OR Espresso Splendente was artfully created by L'OR Coffee Artists to experience the sense of brightness like sunshine streaming through the window on a Sunday morning. The ultimate comforting and gentle wakening espresso Spelndente is an instant favourite, ready to be enjoyed at any time. Created by L'OR Coffee Artists.

Delicate - balanced




Espresso Splendente

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About L'OR Espresso Splendente

  • A delicious elegant blend with nutty richness and a bright hint of citrus

  • Enjoy Espresso Splendente with the taste intensity 7 (scale 1-13)

  • L'OR Espresso Splendente capsules for espresso machines

  • Compatible with Nespresso & L'OR BARISTA machines

  • Packaged in aluminium recyclable Espresso Splendente pods, which best preserves the aroma and flavours of the coffee.

  • The pack contains 10 L'OR Espresso Splendente capsules and offers you 10 cups

  • Coffee from UTZ certified farms

L'OR Espresso Splendente Capsules

L'OR Espresso Splendente capsules are made of airtight aluminium and have been especially developed for an intense aromatic flavour. Make the most of your day with this ultimate comforting, smooth blend that gently tickles your tongue. Espresso Splendente can be enjoyed at any time and easily prepared with your espresso machine at home.

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