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Espresso Chocolate

Espresso Chocolate



Intensity 8

10 Capsules

This Espresso Chocolate coffee has subtle but well defined dark chocolate notes which combine to intensify the rich roast at the heart of this blend. Our Chocolate Espresso blend creates a new Espresso experience that you’ve never tasted before, with a full, round profile that makes it a delight from the first sip. A hint of light sweetness with almost no bitterness makes for a delicious Espresso Chocolate coffee.

● Dark Chocolate notes with light sweetness
● Round
● Subtle
● Dark chocolate

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About Espresso Chocolate coffee pods

● Subtle but distinct chocolate notes in this Espresso create a rich roasted aroma at the heart of this chocolate flavoured coffee.
● On a scale of 1 to 13 this Chocolate Espresso has an intensity of 8.
● These Espresso Chocolate coffee pods can be used in Espresso machines compatible with this type of capsule.
● 10 coffee capsules makes 10 cups of Espresso Chocolate coffee.
● We are Rainforest Alliance Certified
● L’OR capsules are made with aluminium, which is an abundant, easily recyclable resource.

Buy Espresso Chocolate coffee capsules

You’ll taste the rich combination of Espresso coffee and chocolate in every sip. This Espresso blend features a well-rounded, full flavour with a slight hint of sweetness, perfect if you like a slightly sweet coffee with a long-lasting aftertaste. Our L'OR Coffee Artists composed this special blend with a focus on creating a delicious taste combination.


Pour préparer un délicieux café Espresso Vanille, vous pouvez utiliser une machine à café L'OR BARISTA ou une machine à espresso compatible. Nos machines à café sont disponibles dans une grande variété de couleurs et de modèles. Vous trouverez sans aucun doute la machine parfaite pour votre cuisine !

How do I make a Chocolate Espresso?

You can make a Chocolate Espresso quickly and easily. Just start up the coffee machine and place the Espresso Chocolate capsule in the machine. Then press the button to brew.

We suggest brewing the coffee in a glass so you can enjoy seeing the layers while experiencing the stimulating flavours and aromas.

In total there are 10 capsules in 1 pack which provide 10 delicious cups of coffee with an aromatic blend.

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