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L'OR Double Espresso

L'OR Double Espresso


Subtle - delicate


Intensity 7

10 Capsules

● Capsules exclusively compatible with the L'OR BARISTA coffee machine
● XXL capsule: prepare a double espresso or two cups of espresso at the same time."


Double Shot Capsules

Exclusive for L'OR Barista Machine

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L'OR Double Espresso flavour profile

Learn more about L'OR Double Espreso capsules

● Pack of 10 XXL capsules of intensity 7 (on a scale of 1 to 13)

● Delightfully tangy and sweet coffee, with notes of citrus jam, whose intense aromas of nuts will awaken your taste buds.

● Recyclable and airtight aluminum capsules, specially developed to preserve the aroma and flavor of coffee

● Savor the taste, knowing you're enjoying 100% Common Grounds certified coffee, a reflection of our dedication to sustainable practices and the efforts of our farmers.

● Capsules exclusively compatible with the L'OR BARISTA coffee machine 

Purchase L'OR Double Espresso pods

All the capsules in the L'OR Double Espresso Pack are made of hermetically sealed aluminium and have been specially developed to allow you to enjoy drinks with an intense aroma. Make the most of your day by enjoying a cup of soft Espresso with hints of citrus jam and potent nut aromas. Espresso can be enjoyed at any time and is easily prepared with your L'OR BARISTA coffee machine.

L'OR Double Espresso for your coffee machine

Do you have a L'OR BARISTA coffee machine? That's perfect! All you have to do is buy L'OR coffee capsules, insert them in your machine and in no time you will be able to enjoy an excellent L'OR coffee. You don't have a coffee machine yet? That's not a problem. At L'OR, you can choose from various models of coffee machines, each available in different colours. It's up to you to decide which one suits you best!


Next to offering delicious coffee, we are also very committed to recycling. That’s why the L’OR capsules are made with aluminium an abundant and easily recyclable material. We choose aluminium for L’OR capsules to lock in flavour and aroma for the ultimate coffee taste experience.


Our Coffee Artists use their senses to combine, reveal and elevate coffee tastes. The coffee beans are the palette on which we blend for contrast, depth and elegance. We are committed to protecting our world of coffee, the environment and communities.


At L'OR, we know that there is a wonderful world of unique coffee variety and passionate farmers waiting to be discovered.That's why we've partnered with World Coffee Research to enrich the variety of coffee from around the world. This way, we can help farmers choose fertile varieties for sustainable harvest and ensure a future filled with coffee pleasure.

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