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Colombia coffee beans 500 gram

Colombia coffee beans 500 gram


Intense - spicy

Intensity 8

Discover the rich and captivating essence of L'OR Colombia coffee beans. Our expert L'OR Coffee Artists have masterfully selected and blended the finest beans from Colombia, bringing you an exceptional coffee experience that embodies the warmth and vitality of the region. With an intensity level of 8, L'OR Colombia is perfect for those who crave a perfectly balanced and vivacious blend.

L'OR Colombia tantalizes your senses with hints of sweet honey, citrus, and caramel, harmoniously intertwined with a gentle touch of lemon. This exquisite mix creates a sweet, fruity aroma and an energetic flavor profile, delighting your taste buds and uplifting your spirit.

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Learn more about L'OR Colombia coffee beans 500 gram

● A RICH, FRUITY SYMPHONY infused with sweet honey and citrus notes, the L'OR Colombia beans captivate the senses with its delightful complexity. The combination of rich flavors, such as liquorice and cherry, creates a delightful balance, making each sip a sensory revelation.

● AN ENERGETIC AND SPARKLING BLEND inspired by the vibrant landscapes of Colombia. This Colombian whole bean blend harmoniously combines sweet and fruity flavors that evoke the country's diverse geography, culture, and spirit in every cup.
● ENJOY WHOLE BEANS - Each L'OR Colombia bean preserves the essence of its origin and unique flavor profile, allowing you to fine-tune each cup by grinding the beans to your chosen preparation method.
● SAVOR THE TASTE, knowing you're enjoying 100% Common Grounds certified coffee, a reflection of our dedication to sustainable practices and the efforts of our farmers.

Purchase L'OR Colombia coffee beans 500 gram

L'OR coffee beans are premium-quality coffee beans that are sourced from some of the world's finest coffee-producing countries. They are expertly roasted to create a unique flavor profile, and are available in a variety of blends, roasts, and intensities.

The incredible journey of our coffee beans

Flowering & harvesting

Small shrubs called coffee bushes produce a white flower and gives way to a fruit called a cherry.

Processing the cherries

Coffee beans are extracted from the freshly harvested cherries.


The essential step that allows the aroma, colour and taste of the coffee to develop.


The beans are packed immediately after roasting to ensure maximum freshness.


Our Coffee Artists use their senses to combine, reveal and elevate coffee tastes. The coffee beans are the palette on which we blend for contrast, depth and elegance. We are committed to protecting our world of coffee, the environment and communities.


At L'OR, we know that there is a wonderful world of unique coffee variety and passionate farmers waiting to be discovered.That's why we've partnered with World Coffee Research to enrich the variety of coffee from around the world. This way, we can help farmers choose fertile varieties for sustainable harvest and ensure a future filled with coffee pleasure.

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