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L'OR Coffee Beans

Experience the richness of L'OR Coffee beans with 25% off our bean bundles.

Discover the exclusive L'OR collection of coffee beans

Are you looking for quality coffee beans? All our coffee beans are carefully selected for their size and intense aromas. L'OR offers a wide choice of different coffee beans, ranging from strong and spicy blends to more subtle and balanced flavors. The two main varieties of coffee beans are Arabica, representing 60% of the world's coffee production, and Robusta, representing the remaining 40%. Explore a world of flavors with L'OR, where every bean is a promise of quality and a delightful coffee experience!

Why choose L'OR coffee beans?

L'OR Espresso varieties only use the highest quality coffee beans. When you use L'OR coffee beans, you enjoy all the freshness of their aromas. Indeed, L'OR master roasters prioritize freshly roasted beans. Did you know that the aromas of coffee beans depend on the roasting process? Coffee beans are green when harvested, then become beige, golden, or brown under the heat. Each roast is different and determines the aromatic profile and intensity of the coffee. Try L'OR products, arguably the best coffee beans in the world!

Arabica coffee beans

Arabica coffee was discovered in Abyssinia (Ethiopia) around the 6th century. At that time, it was one of the few regions where coffee was popular. The plant was named 'Arabica' in reference to the region, then called 'Arabia'. L'OR blends are made up of different types of coffee beans, each carefully selected to offer the best possible aromatic profile. Some L'OR blends are composed of 100% Arabica and others, of a blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. There are also different types of Arabica plants and therefore different types of Arabica coffee beans. With the L'OR range of coffee beans, you have the opportunity to explore unique combinations of flavors.

How to store coffee beans?

Coffee beans absorb surrounding smells, which is why it is important to store them in a place sheltered from strong smells. Therefore, do not store your coffee in the same place as fragrant products such as garlic. Even if the coffee beans are stored in their still sealed packaging, they can take on the smells of the room which will impact their taste. Therefore, be sure to store your coffee beans in a dry place, at room temperature, and protected from any pronounced odor.

Buy L'OR coffee beans online

Order your packs of L'OR coffee beans online to enjoy all the benefits of the official L'OR store. Once ordered online, your coffee beans will be delivered to your home. Discover the different flavors of L'OR coffee beans. Don't feel like coffee beans? Take a look at our assortment of coffee capsules.

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