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Nos recettes au café

Latte Macchiato glacé

Latte macchiato glacé. Tout ce dont tu as besoin est un mousseur à lait, des glaçons et du café.

Mousse au café

Mousse au café. Faites plaisir à tes invités avec cette recette de mousse au café.

Café tonic & noix de coco

Espresso Tonic. Espresso et tonic : une combinaison surprenante et délicieuse. L'amertume des deux boissons donne naissance à une boisson rafraîchissante et tonique.

Recette de café viennois

Café viennois. Cette recette de café viennois sera quelque chose d'unique que tout le monde appréciera. Un café avec de la crème fouettée, du bon chocolat et de la cannelle saupoudrée. Comment ne pas aimer ?

Iced Latte Macchiato

All you need is a milk frother, ice cubes and coffee.

Candied ginger espresso

Transform your espresso into a tantalizing treat with a surprising ginger twist.

Espresso tonic

Espresso and tonic: a surprising, delicious combination. The bitterness of both drinks result in a refreshing drink with a boost.

Chocolate mocha cake

Chocolate with coffee is a true match made in heaven. Mocha cake is a favourite of many coffee lovers. With this recipe you will surprise all your guests!


Try your favourite coffee with the indulging rich taste of sweet coconut milk and a hint of caramel syrup.

Bonbon coffee

Not coffee with bonbons, but Bonbon Coffee. Inspired by the Spanish Café Bombón, a surprisingly delicious combination of 'dulce de leche' with espresso.

Coffee cake

This airy and moist coffee cake has a subtle coffee flavour that makes you crave for another slice.

Coffee truffles

Homemade truffles are the best you can get. You will taste the love and effort put into it. Experience the appetizing combination of L'OR ESPRESSO coffee, chocolate and amaretti-biscuits.


A delicious Valentine's dessert for coffee lovers. Let yourself be seduced by the exquisite taste of speculoos, Tiramisu and L'OR ESPRESSO.

Espresso amande

Discover the elegant and stylish Espresso Amande; a tempting treat with almond and chocolate. Create your own almond coffee with a hint of chocolate. Perfect for your ultimate moment of enjoyment.

Panna cotta with coffee-caramel sauce

Be seduced by this soft and creamy dessert. Panna Cotta is one of the favourite desserts of the Italian. In English, panna cotta can be translated as 'cooked cream'.

Coffee cheesecake

This easy coffee cheesecake, with a cookie base, is perfect to share with friends and family.


Chocospoons: spoons filled with chocolate and your favourite toppings. Richly filled chocolate spoons are one of the best kept secrets to the ultimate coffee-experience.

Coffee mousse

Indulge your dinner guests with this coffee mousse recipe.

Ginger coffee

Enjoy the spiced, warming flavour of fresh ginger in your coffee.

Classic tiramisu

This Italian classic is the ultimate creamy dessert with coffee, amaretto and sponge ladyfingers.

Coffee with vanilla ice cream

Spoil your taste buds with the delicious taste of vanilla ice cream in a cup of L'OR ESPRESSO coffee. A truly irresistible coffee treat.

Café Liégeois

This French coffee dessert is a delightful combination of tasty espresso, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and caramel.


What’s better on a hot day than an iced frappuccino?

Christmas coffee

What’s Christmas without a festive coffee? The warming flavours of this Christmas Coffee will surely match your festive mood.

Iced coffee with coconut milk

Did someone say iced coffee? Begin your summer feeling refreshed with L'OR ESPRESSO coffee ice cubes in a tasty iced coffee with coconut milk.

Tonic & Coconut Coffee

Combine coconut , tonic and coffee for a sparkling and delightfully refreshing fusion.

Viennese Coffee

This Viennese coffee recipe will be something unique that everyone will enjoy. A coffee with whipped cream, good chocolate and sprinkled cinnamon. What’s not to like?

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