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Variety pack

Smooth Assortment

Take a tour through this coffee variety pack featuring our smoothest blends. Love the amazing coffee aroma but don’t like the bitterness? Then this assortment is for you. A delightful selection of smooth, aromatic coffees, it has the kind of light, well-rounded flavours that will keep you coming back for another cup. Enjoy a special coffee moment with these special L’OR easy-to-drink, satisfying blends. Sweet and aromatic, the blends included in the Smooth Assortment Coffee Bundle blends range from Delicate and Balanced to Nutty and Complex. Below is you’ll find which capsules are included in the bundle.

4 x Espresso Or Rose
Intensity 7 Nutty - complex

4 x Lungo Elegante
Intensity 6 Floral - fruity

4 x Espresso Splendente
Intensity 7 Delicate - balanced

4 x Lungo Mattinata
Intensity 5 Delicate - balanced

2 x Espresso Decaffeinato
Intensity 6 Delicate - balanced

2 x Espresso Papua New Guinea
Intensity 7 Floral - fruity

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About L’OR Smooth Assortment Bundle

  • 200 capsules included in this Coffee Variety Pack featuring 5 different L’OR Smooth Assortment blends.

  • Capsules are compatible with L’OR BARISTA & Nespresso® coffee machines.

  • All of L’OR's smoothest coffees are included.

  • L’OR coffees are packed in top-quality, recyclable aluminium pods so you always get the best coffee aromas and flavours.

  • The coffee is sourced from UTZ certified farms.

L’OR Smooth Assortment Capsules

Designed to maintain the intense, aromatic flavours of the L'OR Smooth Assortment, the latest generation of our airtight aluminium capsules do an even better job of ensuring that you get a top-quality beverage every time. All of our aluminium coffee pods are also recyclable. The L'OR Smooth Assortment coffee variety pack lets you have a relaxing coffee experience any time with five different flavours to choose from. Explore your options with L'OR coffee bundles and discover more with our broad selection of espresso and lungo capsules. Truly smooth, genuinely enjoyable.

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