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Limited Edition

Espresso Arabica Catuaí

Espresso Arabica Catuaí


Nutty - complex



Taste the undiscovered with our new limited creation blend L’OR Arabica Catuai. Discover the beauty and delights of this rare Arabica Catuai coffee bean from the lush forests of Brazil. Our L'OR Coffee Artist have bledend a new creation with sweet and zesty notes and a smooth aftertaste. Creating an enduring and remarkably engaging coffee experience with unique tastes and aromas.

The taste starts with fresh, sweet and zesty notes that become more intense, more roasted in the aftertaste – with heavier, herbal notes. Each time you taste our L'OR Limited Creations Arabica Catuai Espresso, it offers different flavours. And with time, the tastes and aromas become more pronounced. Our L’OR LIMITED CREATIONS are inspired by the unexpected nature of the familiar tastes with an unfamiliar twist.

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About L'OR Limited Creations Arabica Catuaí Espresso Coffee Capsules

  • Sweet and zesty notes with a roasted aftertaste
  • Be seduced by the power of L'OR Espresso single capsules with intensity 7 (scale 1-13)
  • Compatible with Nespresso & L'OR BARISTA coffee machines;
  • Pack contains 10 Limited Creations L'OR Arabica Catuai coffee pods and offers you 10 cups of L'OR Arabica Catuai coffee
  • Packaged in aluminium recyclable Espresso coffee pods for better flavour and aroma retainment.
  • Coffee from UTZ certified farms

Arabica Catuai Blend Story

Catuai is a rare Arabica coffee bean that grows inside a yellow coffee cherry - a sweeter coffee fruit. It is chosen by our L'OR Coffee Artists for its intriguing taste profile, with layers of flavour that reveal themselves in waves. Arabica Catuai offers different flavours. It's an intriguing blend with fresh, sweet and zesty notes which become more intense, more roasted in the aftertaste. With time, the taste becomes more pronounced, like a fine wine that gets better over time.

Blended by L'OR Coffee Artist.


L'OR LIMITED CREATIONS are new coffee blend collections made to deliver exeptionally rare taste pleasure. Our L'OR Coffee Artists use their senses and expertise to source, select and blend rare and precious beans to create new, unexpected coffee tastes.

These blends captivate and heighten your senses with unique tastes and aromas, allowing you to reach undiscovered depths of flavour and unlock new parts of your tase palette.

L'OR LIMITED CREATIONS coffee blends are rare and precious.

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