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Double Profondo

Double Profondo


Intense - spicy




The Double PROFONDO is a delicious blend with an intense spicy aroma of dark chocolate and fruity notes. The Double PROFONDO is created by our L’OR Coffee Artists to express pleasure at its most powerful.

L'OR BARISTA Double PROFONDO packs all the pleasure of L'OR PROFONDO into an XXL capsule, especially designed for the L'OR BARISTA machine, which allows you to prepare two cups at the same time. L'OR PROFONDO is a lungo that rises in power with intense, spicy aromas and notes of toasted almonds and liquorice, accompanied by a shimmering crema with bronze nuances.

L'OR BARISTA Double Profondo capsules are exclusively compatible with the L'OR BARISTA coffee machine. They allow you to prepare a double Lungo Profondo or two cups of Lungo Profondo at the same time.

Infinite Creations, Infinite Pleasure

Blend core:
● Toasty
● Fruity
● Distinct

Double Shot Capsules

Exclusive for L'OR Barista Machine

10 capsules, GROUND COFFEE IN CAPSULES, packaged in a protective atmosphere. Net weight 104 g ℮
Nutritional Information
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