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Find your favourite L'OR blend

Discover your favourite L'OR blend

Coffee’s complex flavours are intriguing. Similar to wines and chocolates, the type of coffee beans and the terroir where they are grown create an infinite variety of nuanced tastes and aromas when combined with different methods of harvesting, processing and roasting.


At L’OR, we define flavour based on how concentrated the coffee is, the darkness of the roast, the body, and the level of bitterness. A broad range of intensities are on offer so it’s fun and easy to discover the blends you love.

L'OR Lungo range

Lungo Mattinata

iconIntensity 5

icon Soft notes of chocolate with delicate citrus hints

Lungo Elegante

icon Intensity 6

icon Complex with notes of dark forest fruit

Lungo Profondo

icon Intensity 8

icon Medium-roast with dark chocolate and soft fruity notes.

Lungo Estremo

icon Intensity 10

icon Sharp red fruits, soft vanilla and smoky touches.

L'OR Ristretto range


icon Intensity 11

icon Dark fruitiness and rich roasted notes.

Ristretto Decaf

icon Intensity 9

icon Rich notes with sparkling bursts

L'OR Origins range

Espresso Papua New Guinea

icon Intensity 7

icon Vibrant fruitiness with deeper roasted notes

Espresso Guatemala

icon Intensity 7

icon Light and zesty notes with mild-roasted flavours

Espresso Colombia

icon Intensity 8

icon Smooth & sweet blend with notes of citrus fruit.

Espresso Indonesia

icon Intensity 9

icon Spicy, woody notes and subtle roasted flavours.

Espresso India

icon Intensity 10

icon Sweetness with lightly spicy notes

L'OR Sublimes range

Espresso Or Absolu

icon Intensity 6

icon Woody notes and reserved sweetness.

Espresso Or Rose

icon Intensity 7

icon Sparkling, dry sweetness and slowroasted intensity.

L'OR Flavours range

Espresso Chocolate

icon Dark chocolate notes with light sweetness. 

Espresso Caramel

icon Deliciously balanced, dark caramel.

Espresso Vanille

icon Pure, authentic vanilla notes.

L'OR Decaf range

Espresso Decaf

icon Intensity 6

icon Light cocoa and wild berry notes.

Ristretto Decaf

icon Intensity 9

icon Rich notes with sparkling bursts

L'OR Smooth range

Espresso Splendente

icon Intensity 7

icon Notes of citrus marmalade and nutty richness.

Espresso Sontuoso

icon Intensity 8

icon Creamy, soft nutty notes with hints of zest.

Espresso Satinato

icon Intensity 6

icon Velvety softness and mild roasted roundness.

Espresso Delizioso

icon Intensity 5

icon Mild roasted with toasty notes.

L'OR Intense range

Espresso Forza

icon Intensity 9

icon Boldly roasted with notes of oak and liquorice.

Espresso Supremo

icon Intensity 10

icon Deep roasty notes with fruity sweetness.

Espresso Fortissimo

icon Intensity 10

icon Dark fruitiness and rich roasted notes.

Espresso Onyx

icon Intensity 12

icon Dark roasted, with spicy notes.

Espresso Ultimo

icon Intensity 13

icon Deeply roasted notes with caramel fruitiness.

L'OR Double Capsules range

Double Decaffeinato

icon Intensity 6

icon A rich aroma with notes of cocoa and a hint of wild berries.

Double Splendente

icon Intensity 7

icon An elegant crema layer with irresistible flair hallmarked by nutty and zesty tones. 

Double Profondo

icon Intensity 8

icon Aroma of roasted almonds and tantalizing liquorice with a bronze crema layer. 

Double Ristretto

icon Intensity 11

icon Coffee with spicy and fresh coffee aromas, crafted to reveal its full character from the first sip.

Double Barista Selection

icon Intensity 13

icon Coffee from a perfectly roasted blend that will seduce you with a real explosion of aromas that are both deep and complex.

Double Forza

icon Intensity 9

icon A well-contructed complexity of oak and liquorice note with a delicate crema layer.

L'OR Variety bundles

To help coffee lovers determine their flavour of choice, coffee bundles are a pleasurable way to find the perfect match. 

Grand Assortment

icon Intensity range 5-12

icon Try out all our different capsules.

Origins Bundle

icon Intensity range 7-10

icon An authentic taste journey.

Lungo Assortment

icon Intensity range 5-10

icon Discover our lungo capsules.

Intense Assortment

icon Intensity range 10-12

icon Discover our strongest coffees

Espresso Assortment

icon Intensity range 6-13

icon Discover our favorite espresso's

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